Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A short post because I'm tired and I really just want to check Pinterest

I'm too tired for a real post today.  Going to bed at 11:45 will do that to you.  Plus I need to get to school early, and we all know that I don't plan my posts ahead of time. 
^Things I need to work on^
I want to be like Stephanie and have all my posts written for the entire year.  Seriously she is the most organized person that I have ever seen, or read about because I haven't really seen her IRL. 

I also didn't get to check Pinterest yesterday, so I am really getting an itch to browse, which means I need to keep this short.
Anyways I thought I would share my pictures from the wine and canvas class last night!  I was a little weary of this one.  I didn't think I would really like the subject, but it turned out to be one of my favorites so far!

My finished product....

Julie's finished product...

Love it!
Happy Tuesday!
Tomorrow is my  2 year blog-iversary so make sure you check back to see what I have in store for you!


Holly Higgins said...

Those are really good! Where did you go?

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