Thursday, January 31, 2013

Guest Post

Today I am doing a guest post for Jessica @ Fantastically Average!  Her blog is one of my favs and a regular read.... Go check it out!


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hey Wednesday!

Nothing like a rainy disgusting day to make you want to get up super early for school....yuck.  At least it is Wednesday!   I'm linking up with Jamie @ This Kind of Love and What I'm Loving Wednesday and Michelle @ The Vintage Apple and Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday! 
I am loving that I am still alive today after all of the storms last night!  I always get nervous when I go to bed and there is bad weather.
I am loving that my first round of student projects at school are almost all done!  I am working on getting them displayed, and then I will post some pictures.  Proud Art Mama right here! 
Although I am a little freaking out today because my room has a leaky window.  There are a mass of projects sitting in the window sills right now.  It rained all night last night.  Fill in the blanks.....
I am loving that I get to see best  fraaaaan this weekend.  Happy Belated Birthday Megan!  Hopefully my other bestie will make an appearance too!  Three peas in pod!
 I am loving my pins!
Source: via Elyse on Pinterest
 I want these.  My brother made some of these for his girlfriend for Christmas, and my sister painted them.  My birthday is coming up siblings.  Hint hint.
Source: via Elyse on Pinterest
 Two shelving units with a thick board in the middle.  Hello desk!
 I'm dying here!
 Slow Cooker Teriyaki Chicken
Source: via Elyse on Pinterest
Have a lovely day! 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

We're Moving!

Our seemingly big apartment is closing in on us.  Our stuff if overflowing the closets, taking over the living room floor, and covering the kitchen counters. 
 Okay it's all of my stuff.  But I like my kitchen appliances, my craft supplies, and my clothes!
I'm feeling squished and unorganized. 
So we are moving!  To a house! 
It's not exactly our house.  Kelly's dad and stepmom live about 3 hours away, and they want to move here when they retire in about 4 years, so they went ahead and bought a house here and WANT us to live in it for now.  We will pay the bills and do the upkeep, but there is NO RENT!  Woohoo for not throwing hundreds of dollars down the drain each month!
It's the perfect scenario really.  We will be able to save lots and lots of money to buy our own house in a few years!
We are already moving stuff over there, and we hope to be completely moved in by mid-March  (There is some work that needs to be done on the house). 
Here's some pictures!

Look at that huge backyard!
We will have a fireplace!
 A big kitchen!

 A big bedroom!
And more importantly a big closet!
There is also a guest bedroom, and two other rooms that we will use for a man-room and a craft-room.  Plus there's a garage! 
Living the dream I tell ya!

Monday, January 28, 2013

5 for Five

It's goal setting time with Jessica @ Fantastically Average and Jenn @ Party of One!
Here were my goals from last week:
Remember green means check!   Red means fail.
1.  Fix Carol.  Last week was so busy and I just didn't have time!
2.  No eating out!  This was a plus!  We went to Buffalo Wild Wings on Thursday, but we always go there.  And we went out for pizza on Saturday, but that was for a teacher party, not just us, so I'm not counting that either.  Overall, I feel good about how I ate last week!
3.  Fold my laundry. 
This pile is no more!  I still need more hangers, but I have to say that the pile of "hang up" clothes that is on the end of my bed is keeping my feet pretty warm at night!
4.  Get my new phone.  We tried to go.  The corporate office was open.  The AT&T store lady said you can't transfer accounts in the store.  You have to call.  WTF! What?!?  Their phone line was not taking any calls due to inclement weather.  Blah Blah Blah.  Still no new phone. 
5.  Get lots done on my day off. Carpets are clean.  Cabinets are re-lined.  Laundry is finished.  Had a great workout. CHECK!
3 out of 5.  I'll take it!
Here's what I want to do this week:
1.  Get thpaint for living room and bedroom for the new house. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Funnies

Just a little something to make you chuckle on a Friday.  :-)

Source: via Krista on Pinterest

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Woohoo Wednesday!   I'm linking up with Jamie @ This Kind of Love and What I'm Loving Wednesday and Michelle @ The Vintage Apple and Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday! 
I am loving that my sister, my mom, my dad, a few others and I got to go to the Luke Bryan concert last week!  It turned into a little family affair!
I am loving that it is already Wednesday! 
I am loving my cozy blanket.  It's so cold outside!
I am loving that my exercise class on Monday night made me so sore that it pretty much hurts to sleep.  Feel the burn!
I am loving my Pinterest finds!
(Hopefully these show up.  I have been having problems with my links moving around on their own and not showing up once I post.  I don't know what is going on!)
 Harry Potter Party.  
 Yummy salad with pear, dried cranberries, pecans, feta, and bacon.  Tossed together with an easy "homemade dressing".
Brown Sugar Garlic Chicken in the crockpot.
Source: via Elyse on Pinterest
Source: via Elyse on Pinterest
 This is me.
Have a fantastic Wednesday! 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Back-up Plan

Yesterday I told you that I was going to post pictures of our new living arrangements.  Well when I was over there yesterday I completely forgot to take pictures!  OOPS. 
So today I'm going with a back-up plan. 
10 on Tuesday!
1.  The wind chill is -5 degrees here in good ol' Indiana.  It was 65 degrees on Saturday.  Is it spring yet?  I hate the cold!
2.  I am so proud of myself for making all of our meals for the whole week ahead of time.  Makes life so much easier!  Now if I could only do that every week!
3.  I love this picture of my sister, my mom, and I. 
4.  I finally tackled this pile of clean laundry.
 Yay for that!
5.  Seriously what would I do without coffee?  Especially when there is an "Artic Blast" happening out there.  Those are the weather man's words, not mine. 
6.  Nothing like a dinner of wine, cheese and crackers, Skittles on a Saturday night. 
7.  Have you seen Big Miracle
It was better than I thought it would be.  The fact that it was true story def made it better!
8.  Got my new name badge last week!  Yippee for being legit!
9.  I'm glad it's already Tuesday, but it feels like a Monday!  Thanks MLK Jr.!
10.  I have my first meeting with all of the art teachers in the corporation today. Again with the being legit thing.  :-)

Monday, January 21, 2013

5 for Five

It's goal setting time with Jessica @ Fantastically Average and Jenn @ Party of One!
Here were my goals from last week:
Remember green means check!   Red means fail.
1.  Fix Carol.  Like I said last week, Carol the Cricut and I are on a break.  Last Monday I took her to school in a last ditch effort to get her to work on my school computer.  It was a good idea.  She still doesn't work though.  I'm going to bring her home again today and try to give her another try.  But I'll have to ruuuuush home again because the silly Cricut place is only open until 6.  Grrrrr.
2.  Put Christmas boxes away.  Check check check!  We took them to our new house yesterday!  Have I told you about this house?  No?  Well you will just have to wait until tomorrow!
3.  Get bulletin boards done in my classroom.  This was all depending on Carol. 
4.  Cook at least two meals.  Kelly's very best friend and his girlfriend were supposed to come in town from Chicago on Monday, so we didn't make dinner plans because we knew we were going to be going out with them.  Then they ended up not being able to come down, and we had no dinner, so we went out for some Mexican.  They did come down on Tuesday, so we went out for dinner and a few beers with them.  Wednesday was the same deal.  Thursday was the Luke Bryan concert so I ate Subway on the way there.  Friday we went out to eat with Kelly's dad and stepmom.  And Saturday we went out to eat with Kelly's mom.  UGH!  This was a huge fail!  Although yesterday, I spent the entire day cooking and cleaning, so I have meal ready to go for this week!
5.  Stick to my healthy/clean eating for two entire days.  See above paragraph.  Didn't happen.
Only 1 out of 5...Boo for that!
1.  Fix Carol.  I'm staying positive and saying that this is the week!
2.  No eating out!  Except for Buffalo Wild Wings because we go there every Thursday.
3.  Fold my laundry.  I put it in the middle of the living so I would do it right after I finish this post!
4.  Get my new phone.  My dad has been trying to make this happen for me (because I'll be going off of his plan and on to my own).  But the corporate office is closed every time we go to the phone store, so they can't do it!
5.  Get lots done on my day off (that is today).  I have a long list of things to accomplish today. 
Check back next week!
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