Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl Weekend Recap

What a busy weekend!  I feel like I was barely at home.  I need just one more day to relax I think!
Friday night we went out with some fellow teachers to a local 70's and 80's bar.  Talk about fun!  There was a Michael Jackson impersonator and plenty of fun music to dance to!
Saturday night we headed up to French Lick, Indiana to celebrate my BFF Megan's birthday.  We ate dinner at the winery, which began the binge eating.  I decided that on Super Bowl weekend you can eat whatever you want!  So I got vegetable Ravioli, with ALFREDO SAUCE.  I don't even know the last time I consumed alfredo sauce on pasta.  That is definitely not on the healthy eating plan.  And Kelly was also gracious enough to let me order the bottle of wine I wanted, which just so happened to be $26.  What a nice guy!

After dinner we headed to the casino that is attached to the hotel.  I am not much of a gambler, but I am definitely a people watcher, and a casino is a great place to do that, especially in Southern Indiana.  I bet four whole dollars on a slot machine.  I put in a $20, but I just couldn't do it anymore once it got down to $15.90.  I would just like to keep the money that I have, thanks. 

I drank enough dirty Shirley's to make Shirley Temple want to be my friend.  I also ate about a whole jar of maraschino cherries.  The bar tender kept putting more and more in my drink.  Fine by me!  Why not get your daily dose of fruit while having your favorite cocktail?!

Then next morning we were feeling a little tired.  Nothing that an omelet and some waffles couldn't fix!  We had a rather hefty breakfast at the breakfast buffet in the hotel.  I am not a buffet person, but a hangover breakfast buffet is definitely something that I can get into!
We went over to my parents to watch the Super Bowl.  My mom made lots of yummy appetizers, enough for me to have a lettuce-only day today!  Unfortunately, the Broncos lost.  We here in Indiana are still Peyton Manning fans. 
But my mom and I also had our first annual Super Bowl Craft Session...because you have to have something to do in between commercials, especially when your team is losing!  She helped me make a wreath for my living room.  I did the burlap, and she did the bow.  The flower placement was a combined effort.  I can't wait to hang it up!

I was a little disappointed in the commercials this year.  It seemed like all the companies tried to go serious on us with their tearjerker commercials.  I did enjoy the Oikos commercial with the Full House crew, and Mountain Dew commercial with the Dale Call.  The puppy and horse commercial was also pretty cute!
How did you celebrate the Super Bowl?
What were your favorite commercials?
And good news!  It's back to bed for this girl..2 hour delay!


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