Wednesday, October 31, 2012

WILW and OHP- Happy Halloween!

Why is this week going by so sloooooooow?!  It's only Wednesday? Let's link up with  Jamie @ This Kind of Love and What I'm Loving Wednesday and Michelle @ The Vintage Apple and Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday! 
I am loving that I started counting calories again this week.  It makes me feel so much better about life!
I am loving that my bestie Megan is coming down this weekend for a girls weekend!  Hopefully my girl Jo will be able to make it too!
 3 peas in a pod I tell ya!  We look like little kids in this picture! (They would kill me if they new I put this on here)
I am loving my students!  I had to fill in for 4th grade yesterday, and it just made me so thankful for my 1st and 2nd graders! 
Oh and Happy Halloween!  I just now remembered what day it was!
I am also loving My Pet Ghost that I find at the grocery store!
 The kids are amazed by this thing!  And they will do anything to be allowed to push it!  You press the button and the little "ghost" inside lights up and talks.  What am I going to do when Halloween is over?!?
I am loving my Halloween finds on Pinterest!
Source: via Elyse on Pinterest
 My mom and dad tried to do this with me when I was a baby.  Didn't go over so well...
 Halloween Bark with Oreos,, pretzels, and candy corn.  YUM!
 If I was dressing up, I would be a flamingo! 
But I am not...
What are you dressing up as on this Halloween day?

Monday, October 29, 2012

5 for Five

Well week one of setting some weekly goals for myself was a success!  I really tried to stick to them, and it made me feel a lot better about my week! So let's link up again with Jessica @ Fantastically Average and Jenn @ Party of One


1. Be in bed by 10 three out of five nights.  FAIL.  I wasn't in bed by 10 at all this week!  Kelly hurt his back last Sunday so there was a lot of getting situated and taking care of him before bed.   
2. Finish at least one crafty thing. Also a fail! :-/ I went to spray paint a picture frame yesterday just so I could say I did something, and I was out of the color I better luck next time!
3. Workout 6 out of 7 days. I actually got this done!  I didn't feel like going yesterday, but I did just so I could say I met one of my goals!

4. Drink 5 bottles of water a day. I kind of lost track, but I think I got this one done too.  I have really been trying to drink more water at school!
Funny side note:
I have been keeping a bottle of water on my cart that I take to my other room for reading groups (long story short, I have to go to a different room to teach for two periods a day.  I have a cart that I take that acts as a traveling desk).  I took a drink of my bottle of water on Thursday, and it tasted like drinking fountain water.  I thought that was weird because I NEVER fill my water bottle up at the drinking fountain.  I thought that maaaaybe it was someone else's, but then whose water bottle could it be besides mine!?  The next day I had a new bottle sitting on my cart.  When I brought my kids back to the room, one of the girls said, "Ooooh that's where I left my water bottle!"  BLEH!!!!

5. Finish my lesson plans through November.  I didn't do this, but I actually decided early on that I don't want to work that far ahead.  I planned for the whole month of October, and I was constantly changing the dates around on my plans.  So, I decided that I will do my plans a couple weeks ahead of time, but not an entire month.
2 out of 5.  Not so good.
Here are my goals for this week:
1.  Be in bed by 10:00 three out of five nights.  Since I didn't meet it last week, I'm going to try again this week.
2.  Finish at least one crafty thing.  Same for this one.
3.  Keep track of how many calories I eat using the Lose It! app on my phone.  I have gotten a little too lenient with my eating lately, and it's time to crack down again. 
4.  Workout for at least an hour 6 out of 7 days.  I met my work out goal last week, but a couple of my workouts weren't very good.  So I'm putting a time limit on it!
5.  Finish my lesson plans for next week before Friday.  If I get this done, then I can leave right after school on Friday and not come in on Sunday!
Wish me luck!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Social- Halloween Edition!

This surprisingly beautiful weekend is coming to a close! So let's link up on this week of Halloween with Neely and Ashley for Sunday Social! 

1. What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid? (pictures??)
I wish I had pictures for this one!  All the pics are at my parents house where I am not.  I was a clown, a bumblebee, an indian...but my favorite would probably have to be the cheerleader!  I was a Memorial High School cheerleader...and then I graduated from Memorial!  If I can find some pictures, I may post them on Wednesday!
2. If you could go back and dress up as something what would it be?
 I'm going with as a kid for this because my adult life isn't over yet!


I think this^^^ is definitely the winner!

3. Favorite costume as an adult? (pictures)
I have had a few (good?) ones...Snow White.
(that's me on the far right)
Nemo from Finding Nemo (that one was kind of weird ha)
But my FAVORITE is this...

And Kelly was mustard...
And we did this...

And this...

 And it was the best costume ever!
So we haven't dressed up since then (2010)!
4. What is your favorite Halloween candy?
CANDY CORN!  It's a MUST this time of year!
5. What is your favorite Halloween memory?

When I was in the eighth grade all of my friends and I dressed up as Barbies.  I was Hollywood Barbie (I looked and looked for a pic but I couldn't find one).  We were trick or treating, and there was this huge grim reaper statue at one of the houses.  Well I thought it was a statue.  I walked up to it, and it jumped out at me!  There was a person in there!  I fell backward onto the sidewalk.  The straps on my dress broke, and I had to hold my dress up with two hands for the remainder of the night!  It was a little embarassing then, but I look back on it now and laugh!
6. What's your favorite scary movie?
Can anyone really have a favorite scary movie?  They all kind of lack in the plot department.  I would have to go with something more along the lines of a thriller like Silence of the Lambs.

If I was dressing up this year, I would dress up like one of these:

But I'm not!  Maybe next year....

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Days That Make You Love Your Job

Some days at school I want to scream, bang my head against the wall, pull my hair out, etc., etc.  You know those days where you feel like everything that comes out of your mouth some how dissipates in the air before it reaches your students ears?
  It is beyond frustrating and it happens a lot when you work with kids that have IEPs.  Like when we are counting by hundreds (like we practice doing practically everyday) and they can't remember what comes after 90 (it's not ten hundred no matter how many times you tell me that).  Or when you ask them what comes after 67 and they say 534 (which is technically true but not what I mean).  It's enough to make any sane person crazy!
But then you have those days like I did yesterday where school is just plain FUN and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. 
Like when you are talking to first graders (who are an increasingly challenging group to tolerate...that is putting it in the nicest way possible)  about their favorite songs (I promise it was related to their story).
 Someone said their favorite song was "Shake It For Me" by Luke Bryan, and I commented by saying that I like that song (it just so happened that it had been stuck in my head all morning), and I start singing it like I was in the car by myself.  They thought it was hilarious that I even knew that I was from another planet or something.
Someone else said they like Michael Jackson but they didn't know what song, so I started singing "Thriller" and doing the dance, and I'm pretty sure they thought I was insane. 
Then someone said they liked Taylor Swift, and when I said I liked her too, they just couldn't believe it...So I broke out singing "We are never ever ever getting back together! Weeeeeeeeeeee!" 
So when all else the words of Ludacris "Tell me whatcha gon' do? Act a fool"
Source: via Emily on Pinterest
Then there are the times when the kids are so stinking funny that you can't stop laughing. 
Like when something makes a student laugh so hard they fart and it smells.  Like SMELLS.  And they are not afraid to hide it!  (This was a girl by the way.)  And I try my hardest not to laugh and to move on with the lesson, but it has already gone to s***.  Literally.
Source: via Notmy on Pinterest
You said it Louis! 
 Or when the sweetest little boy tells you that he woke up that morning to his cat "sleeping" on his bed.  Except for it wasn't really sleeping he says.  It was dead he says.  And he touched it.  And do I think he needs to go to the nurse now?  Do I think he might be sick? 

You just can't make this stuff up people!

So a nutshell is why I love my job, and I get excited to go to school every day. 

It also helps when those kids mentioned above that think 534 comes after 67 finally learn that 68 comes after 67.  It's all worth it. :-)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday and OHP!

Happy Wednesday! Let's link up with  Jamie @ This Kind of Love and What I'm Loving Wednesday and Michelle @ The Vintage Apple and Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday! 
I am loving that my school is having a pitch-in lunch today!  It is the first little event that our new social committee has started up!  In these stressful times of the education world, it will be  nice to have a little fun during the day!
I am loving that it is already Wednesday!  Thanks fall break for making the week go by faster!
I am loving that there is only 13 more days until the election!  I am so sick of all of the politcal ads, and I'm so ready for it to be over!
Here is what I am loving from Pinterest this week:
Source: via Elyse on Pinterest
 I am not a huge fan of purple, but I love these wedding flowers!
 I love the idea of a day bed in the nursery for naps when the baby is sleeping!
Source: via Elyse on Pinterest
I have been trying to decide what I am gonig to give for my little gift at school this year...perhaps a little jar of homemade caramel!
 Or perhaps some smell good stuff for the stove!
P.S.  I can't believe I'm already thinking Christmas!
Source: via Elyse on Pinterest
 Cornbread stuffed jalapenos...I die.
Lettuce wraps with spicy peanut dipping sauce.  YUMMM

Slow cooker beef and broccoli.
I have been growing my hair out for over two years, but I am loving this cut and color.  I want it!
And as always I am loving my life with a cherry on top!
Have a great day!

Monday, October 22, 2012

5 for Five

Well week one of setting some weekly goals for myself was a success!  I really tried to stick to them, and it made me feel a lot better about my week! So let's link up again with Jessica @ Fantastically Average and Jenn @ Party of One

1.  Be in bed by 10:00 three two out of five nights. Check!  I'm not going to lie, this was really hard.  I tried to do it every night but it only happened twice.  And it may have been 10:05 or 10:15, but I'm counting it! 
2.  Get the desk moved.  Check!  It's in its proper place....finally!  Oh and just for the record, I moved it BY MYSELF!  Just call me Wonder Woman.
I couldn't find the picture of how it looked before, but trust looks much better!
3.  Workout 6 out of 7 days.  BOO!  I thought for sure I could get this done!  I only made it to 4 days!  Friday I didn't have school, and it was raining, so it felt like the perfect day for a nap!  Friday night I had a late night, so I couldn't get out of bed Saturday morning for a workout.  And Sunday....well I already failed to meet my goal so I decided to fore go that as well! Better luck next time!
4.  Drink 4 bottles of water a day.  This was actually a lot easier than I thought, so I think I will up it this week!
5.  Finish all of my lesson plans through October.  I went to do this last night, and I ran out of lesson plan pages.  That figures!
3 out 5 isn't bad!
Here are my goals for this week:
1.  Be in bed by 10 three out of five nights.  I barely got two, but I will try for three this week.
2.  Finish at least one crafty thing.  I have quite an accumulation of projects sitting in my living room.  I need to finish some of them before I start a new one!
3.  Workout 6 out of 7 days.  I will try this one again.
4.  Drink 5 bottles of water a day.  I better get drinking!
5.  Finish my lesson plans through November.  Yikes!  That is a scary thought, but I will certainly try!
Here's to hoping!
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