Friday, November 14, 2014

The Best Things About Fall

I'm back!  And it's not a wedding related post! Can you believe it????
Fall is in full swing, and as always, I am enjoying the nostalgia that goes along with the fall season.  It might be my favorite.  Although I love when it warms up in the spring...And being by the pool in the summer...and winter has Christmas, so it's really hard to choose a favorite.  I love them all, but there are a few things about fall that really make me use this emoji.

Warm and fuzzy.
So here it is, my 10 favorite things about fall, in no particular order
1.  Apple Cider
I crave the stuff by itself, heated, with some caramel vodka (that's my favorite way).
2.  Bonfires
There is really nothing better than sitting in a lawn chair with a blanket and a drink, staying warm by the fire.  I would have a fire in our fire pit every night if I could make the day be a little longer.

3.  Leaves
That's a given.  Who doesn't love the leaves in the fall?!  The leaves are one of the reasons I wanted to get married in the fall.  Since our wedding is in November of 2015, I'm using this year to judge how the leaves will be on the trees.  It's looking like I will be gluing them back up at the rate we are going here!

4.  Boots
I would own all the boots if boots weren't so expensive.  Instead, I try to limit myself to one in every color.

Especially these beauties. 
5.  Scarves
Fall is the time when I can begin to wear scarves without feeling like I am going to suffocate.  Similar to how I feel about boots, I want to own all the scarves.  Fortunately for me, scarves aren't as expensive so I kind of do own all the scarves!

The chunkier the better in my opinion!
6.  Thanksgiving
I LOVE Thanksgiving!  It is tied with Christmas for the first place spot in my list of favorite holidays.  I can't choose.  But I love cooking, and eating, and drinking, and being with my family.  Definitely makes me do that emoji from earlier.  Oh and the parade!!!  Love the parade!

7.  Pumpkin Flavored Things
{typical white girl here}
I love pumpkin flavored stuff, mostly carbs, like breads and muffins, pie and other desserts.  Don't flavor my yogurt with pumpkin.  That's just weird. 
8.  Football Naps
I don't really watch a lot of football.  I let Kelly take care of that.  However I do like to take a nap during college football on Saturday.  There is something about the murmur of the crowd and the voice of the announcers that make me sleep for just the right amount of time.

9.  This turkey door-hanger

How stinkin' cute is he?!?! I wish I could leave him up all year long!

10.  Our wedding!

Our wedding is exactly one year from today!  I am so happy to have a fall wedding....just keep the snow and cold weather away please.  It's fall remember?  And having a fall anniversary will lend itself to some many cute little bed and breakfast/ winery trips!

Now if only fall could be longer!  The temperature around here is already in the 30's...and it snowed yesterday.  Too soon!
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