Sunday, July 29, 2012

Vacation Day 3

We started out the day today by short changing the toll road because we had no change.  Well we had 40 cents, but we needed 75 cents.  So, when all else fails, just throw the 40 cents in and drive off. 


But we made it to Animal Kingdom and we had such a great time!  We barely had to wait in line (I think the longest we waited was for Dinosaur, and that was only 10 minutes).  Thank God for Fast Passes!!!   We even got to see a baby rhino!  Overall, I would say this day was a success!

Warning:  This post is a picture overload!  I took 117 pictures today.

Of course I didn't post them all because that would take forever, but there is still quite a few. 

I don't expect anyone to read this.  I did this purely for documentation purposes, but by all means if you want to, go right ahead!  The good pictures are all at the bottom!

The beginnings of the African Safari ride.  I can't even remember the technical name.  See why I have to document this?



Lots of hippos!

Ahhh... the Chevy in it's natural habitat.  This is how you know we are not really in Africa. 



White Rhino.

Baby White Rhino!  HE had only been there for 2 days.  Isn't he cute!?!


Antelope thingy.

This is for my mom.  When we went to Animal Kingdom about 10 years ago, she took a picture of these "ostrich eggs"  thinking they were real.  Well they are still there!  I'm thinking they are fake.   Haha

Outside of the safari.

Kelly and his brothers.

The whole group with Donald Duck before we went to lunch with the characters!

Kelly and his mom with Goofy.

The girls with Mickey!

Kelly's grandparents with Mickey!

Kelly's family.

The Tree of Life on Discovery Island.

Kelly and I in front of the Mt. Everest Roller coaster.  We were really wishing that was real snow on top of that thing because we were so hot!  Yeah right!

The boys watching the monkeys.

I saw some people wearing these ears when we first got to the park.  I REALLY want them, but they are $19.95.  I think I would wear them for hat day at school!  What do you think?

Should I get them????

Until tomorrow friends!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

We Made It! Vacation Day 1 and 2

We had to sit in the very last row of the plane, where the seats didn't adjust.  Yes, it was right next to the bathroom, and yes, a man took a number two right when he got on the plane (why he didn't do that inside the airport, I'll never know), and it smelled the whole back of the plane up.  We also had no windows, which kind of made me nervous since I couldn't see what was going on......but WE MADE IT!

I finally got to start reading this book!  I know, I am late to the party!  There were 5 other women near me also reading this book by the pool.  And let me just say, I knew it would be risque, but it is just down right freaky!

We stayed at Daytona Beach for a day!  The weather was great!

I almost got washed out because there was a huge wave that rolled all the way up to where I was sitting!  It got my towel soaking wet, but luckily with my cat-like reflexes I grabbed my phone and my new book just in time!  Whew!  I laid by the pool today instead!

Kelly and I by the water. :-)

Our pool had a lazy river which I loved!  Until the kids started to get in it and started to swim under me and bump me into the walls.  Then I was done!  Ha

Here is our room in our rental house that we just got to today!  Two twin beds!  Keepin' it PG this week.  Haha

Front of the house

Living room

 Pool, which is a little dirty, but we will manage!

Tomorrow is Animal Kingdom and lunch with the characters at Disney!  I am SO pumped!

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