Friday, October 31, 2014

Flashback Friday- Halloween Edition

The best thing about Halloween is definitely the costumes.  Unforntunately as an adult, you just don't get to dress up like you did when you were a kid...especially a kid in the 90's.  Here are some truly fabulous Halloween pictures from way back when. 
Way back when the pumpkins were as big as you...And had weird looking noses.
And your brother didn't know how to hold a baby...

 And your mom sewed your costume...
And you (or your dad rather) carved a pumpkin every year...(not pictured is when my parents tried to put me in this pumpkin.  Tried being the key word.  I wasn't having it.

Way back when no one cared if you were lady like... Kelly says I still sit like this sometimes. Oops

And we were just plain cute.

And brothers didn't know how to wear masks correctly...

And you could see my undies through my tights...

And I was a smoldering bumble bee...

And my brother was a fluffy clown...

A better time it was!
Happy Halloween!!!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Making it big

So remember the pumpkin I painted last year?  If you don't you can read about it here. It looked like this:

 I had noticed recently that people were pinning it like crazy, and I heard from several people that it was one of the first painted pumpkins to pop up when you search "painted pupmkins" on Pinterest.  Sure enough, I just checked to see for myself and there it is!
Anyways, I got an email yesterday and it's going to be featured in an article on!  How cool is that!
If you remember, I actually didn't win the pumpkin contest last year.  I lost to a Duck Dynasty pumpkin...
Thankfully those bearded guys have kind of fallen off the map this year and I have a fabulous idea that's going to knock their socks off.
Pumpkin decorators beware!
In the meantime, be on the lookout for my gumball machine pumpkin on!

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