Thursday, October 31, 2013

The time Halloween was cancelled.

That time is now.  Halloween is being post-poned until tomorrow around these parts, and I am saying "WTF mate?"  Due to impending severe weather, cities and towns around this area have suggested that the kids wait to go trick-or-treating until tomorrow.
Which means that I will now have to answer my door repeatedly for two nights instead of just one...Because you know people are just going to go both nights. Duh.  Which means that I have to buy more candy.  And also we have a candy thief in my house so we didn't have very much to begin with.
My original plan was to keep our porch lights turned off, so no one would even bother ringing the door bell (we are not really going to be home tonight anyways).  But then I realized that we have no blinds or curtains in our living room (because we just moved here...6 months ago), so even if the porch lights weren't on, you can still tell we are home. 
So since we have no curtains or blinds when people come up to ring our doorbell, they will be able to see us sitting our living room.  And we could just wave at them and smile, but I guess we can answer the door and be upstanding citizens. 
Okay I am really not that much of a grump.  I just think it's silly to "reschedule" Halloween.  We don't "reschedule" Christmas or Easter.  And I can remember plenty of times when I trick-or-treated in the rain.
And just because there is such thing as Pinterest, I went ahead and picked out my costume, even though I don't need a costume.
I would be Kevin because Kelly says I make a good bird noise, and I would make Kelly be the boy scout.

Because we love playing "Guess Who?" And I am awesome at it.

The teacher in me really wants to be Pinkalicious.  Or Goldilicious.  Or Purplicious.  Perfect school costumes for the specials teachers (art, music, and library).
And this, only because it might be even more ridiculous than the costumes Kelly and I wore a few years ago.

I wanted to be ketchup.  But there was no ketchup.  That is all I have to say about that.

Happy Halloween!

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

This blog is now facebook friendly.

Here I sit.  Refrigerator (I have to spell check that word every time I use it) is being fixed.  Blogging is happening. 
Why can't we get our refrigerator get fixed every day?  So I can take a half day off from school, get a delicious salad at my favorite salad place, blog, and watch Sex in the City.  I NEVER get to watch Sex in the City.  Either Kelly is home or its not on. 
Here is the best part of today:
I made a Facebook page for this little blog.
You can like it HERE.

(apparently it wasn't working earlier, but I think it is now.)
You really should become a fan.  Because right now I only have 4, and 3 of them are my family members.
I'm off to read all the blogs.  My Bloglovin' feed is going to say zero by the end of this day, I just know it.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Things I've decided

Big hair is my friend.
The bigger the better as far as I'm concerned.
Original coffee creamer is gross.
Sometimes I buy it when I buy a flavored coffee (so I don't have to mix flavors), and I always regret my decision.  It's watery and yuck.
Leggings as pants.
The people who say this is not an option have clearly never worn leggings as pants because if they did, they would never wear regular pants again. 
If wearing leggings as pants is wrong, I don't want to be right.
My job is consuming my life.
I work all day, come home, work some more, get on Pinterest to search for new art projects, and work some more.  It never ends.
I'm not saying I hate it.  I'm just saying that it's happening.
Wearing a deer scarf is okay.

Also wearing metallic leopard pants is okay.
I did it.  I got some looks but my love for leopard is overcoming my concern for what people think about me.
Plaid shouldered sweatshirts are comfy.
Wearing combat boots to school is on the list of acceptable things.
I did it.  Nothing bad happened, so I did it again.
My candle shelf says I have a problem.
And those are the ones that aren't in use.
What are some things that you have decided in your life lately?

Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall Decor

I love decorating for fall.  There is something about the weather getting cooler, buying pumpkins, getting cozy with a blanket that makes me get all fuzzy inside.  Fall always seems like such a short season, by the time I get decorated, it's over and time to decorate for Christmas. 
Ideally, I would want my decorations to look like this:

But really I don't feel like I have myself quite together enough for any of that.  Not to mention I don't own a old time-y wagon nor do I have the money to fill my fireplace with 50 pumpkins. 
Here are my quick and easy decorations this year:




Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I coordinated, I conquered

Who doesn't love a good decorated pumpkin?!  I mentioned in this post that I coordinated a pumpkin contest for the teachers at my school.  Each teacher was given the opportunity to paint a pumpkin by themselves or with a partner or group of people, everyone brought their pumpkins in for display, and the students were given tickets to vote for their favorite pumpkins!
I teamed up with the music teacher (she bought the pumpkin and I painted it, see we were a team!), and I chose to paint our pumpkin like a bubblegum machine! 
Here's how I did it:
Start off with a nice round pumpkin, and cut the stem off.  It just so happened that our stem broke off before we even knew that we wanted it like that.
Using craft paint (you will use this on the whole pumpkin), paint the entire pumpkin gray.  This seems silly, but it masks all the crevices in between the gumballs that would otherwise be pumpkin-colored.
I like the more expensive or "medium" expensive craft paint, rather than $0.99 brand.  It's less watery and allows for better coverage (trust me I used both kinds).  And when I say expensive, I mean $1.99 or $2.99 instead of $0.99. 
After the pumpkin is painted gray and completely dry, paint gumball-sized black circles all over it, covering the whole pumpkin.  At this point, I put my pumpkin on top of a box and turned the box, instead of rolling the pumpkin around on the floor (the paint was starting to peel off). 
After the black circles are dry, fill them in with color (pictured below).  I used blue, red, purple, green, yellow, white, orange, and pink.  I found that the more expensive paint covered the pumpkin better.  I used the cheap-o kind on some of the gumballs, and I ended up having to go over them 2, even 3 times before the color was solid and opaque.

After all the gumballs are filled in, I added little lines to show reflection on some (not all) of the gumballs (shown below) .  I used black for the white gumballs and white for the rest of the colors.
The base is a medium size terra cotta flower pot that I spray painted red and added details to (like a knob and dispenser).  The top is the base of the terra-cotta flower pot (the part that catches the water).  And I added a little bottle cap that I spray painted red to the top to cover up the little hole. 
Before hot gluing it all together, I covered the entire pumpkin with a clear, glitter paint (make sure the gumballs are completely dry before doing this step).  The glitter was white and shimmery, but the paint was clear, so when it dried, it left a nice sparkly effect that didn't cover anything up.
Here's the final product with no clutter-y, craft room in the background:
From Harry Potter to Duck Dynasty, Jack Sparrow to Cat in the Hat, all the pumpkins turned out great!

Our clever principal turned his tissue box into a pumpkin.

Our students are OBSESSED with Duck Dynasty.  So of course this was the 1st place winner by a landslide!
We got 2nd place!  Whoop whoop!

Besides my own pumpkin (duh), this was my favorite!

 Nothing like a little morale-boosting contest to power us through to Thanksgiving Break.  This was such a good idea (not to toot my own horn or anything), and I can't wait to do it again next year! 

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