Friday, March 7, 2014

A Quick and Easy Cocktail Recipe

Happy Friday!  We made it!  This week actually went by really fast, probably because we had a snow day Monday and a delay on Tuesday.  I am so excited for this weekend because I am getting together with my favorite girls for a girls' night!  We are going out to dinner tomorrow, and hopefully finding somewhere that will allow us to dance to 80's music and act like fools. 

I am pretty sure  I use this picture for every girls night that we have, but it's just such an epic picture.
I have the perfect cocktail recipe for our girls night!
I made it last weekend when we went to Indy, aaaand YUM. 
It is fruity and delicious, and could even be a breakfast drink if you are wanting to start early.  Plus it's super easy to make so you don't have to stand there and mix drinks for everyone!
The drink is called a Cereal Killer, and all you have to do is mix equal parts of Three Olives Loopy Vodka (how cute is that bottle?) and Rum Chata. 
That's it. 
Last weekend my brother said it was "Elyse-strong", which apparently means that it's not strong for me, but it is for everyone else.  Oops.
If it is too strong, you could always add some milk to it.  I also liked to add lots of ice, and let the ice melt a little.
It tastes EXACTLY like fruit loops.
Breakfast drink!
Have an awesome weekend!


LindiNicole said...

Oh my gosh I love me some Rum Chata! :) I keep a bottle in our fridge constantly! I'll have to try this combo out. Thanks for sharing!

Sweet Southern Sparkle

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Two of my favorites together! YUM!

Rum Chata also goes good with Fire Ball and it tastes like cinnamon toast crunch ;-)

Donna Gilbert said...

doing shots with rum chata and cinnamon whiskey, my girl friend introduced me to these, they taste like the hot ball candy

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