Friday, May 11, 2012

Random Squirrel Post

I have to give my friend Farley @ Oh' Boy 4th Grade for this next squirrely post.  (Her blog may be coming in very handy for me over the summer....I hope!)  You know on the movie UP where the dog always gets easily distracted and yells "SQUIRREL"?   That's how this post is going to be...a bunch of random, distracted, disconnected thoughts about my day today. 

Try to stay with me. :-) 

I was driving to the gas station today, and I saw a man driving down the road in his brand new Jeep Wrangler while eating a pink Popsicle.  Now THAT is the definition of living the dream.


I worked at the Salon today, which is conveniently located a stone's throw away from Sonic.  I went to get us some tasty happy hour drinks and I DID NOT buckle up.  Rebel. 


When the car hop brought me our drinks I thought it was a pregnant lady.  There were no words exchanged, and all I saw was a big, pregnant belly standing outside my car window.  Turns out it was not a pregnant lady at all, but it was in fact a man.  Oops.  He belly button was even popping out like a pregnant lady!


You know the new Justin Bieber song "Boyfriend"?  Well the fourteen year old girl inside of me is LOVING that song.  Kelly and I were even talking last night about how it is very Justin Timerlake-esque.  Our little Biebs is growing up!


I made various types of kabobs tonight for dinner.  I recently bought a pan to use on the grill that has little holes in it, and I thought it would work well for kabobs!  I did one with chicken, one with potatoes, one with peppers, and one with broccoli.  I was a little nervous because I had never tried grilling broccoli before, but it worked really well!  It wasn't much different than roasting it in the oven.  I will definitely be grilling it again!


If only I had some ice cream for dessert!

That is all of the squirrels for tonight! 

Wasn't too bad was it?

Have a great weekend!

Be sure to tell your mom you love her!


Megan Wadsworth said...

Haha love this idea. And you've made me want ice cream.

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