Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My heart sank a little just then...

If you know me, you know that I don't really care so much about sports.  One thing I have found a love for in my relationship with Kelly is Atlanta Braves baseball.  In our 4 years together, we have been to 3 games (keep in mind that we live in Indiana, so they are not really that close).  We have watched countless games from the couch, and cheered against the Cardinals in their honor, despite the crazy number of Cardinals fans in this area. 
When I called Kelly last night on my way home and he told me that the Braves were moving, my little heart sank.  I could tell he was so disappointed.  Not only have we been to games at Turner Field together, but he has also gone to several games there with his dad and brother.  Turner Field houses a lot of memories for his family. 
The Braves will be moving to a location outside of the city of Atlanta.  They are hoping to increase ticket sales by having less seats in the stadium and less traffic trying to get to the stadium.  The construction of this new stadium will begin in the middle of 2014, and is scheduled to be finished in 2017.  This means we have 3 more seasons at Turner Field.
(The first game we went to together.  We were also in the weight-gain phase of our relationship....)

Our third trip to see them (sans weight).

3 more seasons, that means 3 more summers worth of games. 
Better get to buying those tickets!


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