Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Proposal Story Part II

Here we go.  If you missed Part I go here.  So we were on our to the downtown riverfront.  Hair clip and all.  We park near the Pagoda, and as we are walking up I see a car that looks like my sister's car, but I still didn't think anything of it...it's just another car.  We walk a little bit then we decide to sit on a bench for a minute.  Kelly is texting who I thought was his dad or his friend, who were both supposed to be coming to our house that day.  Then Kelly decides it's too bright where we are sitting, so we start walking again. 
He said it was his dad that he was texting, and that he was on his way to our house.  I asked if we needed to go back since his dad was on his way and Kelly said no.  He  wanted to finish our walk first.
So here we are walking down the boat ramp.

We stop at the bottom.  I sit on a ball (you'll see what I mean in a second), and it was way too hot so I stood back up.  There is a patch of broken glass, dirt, and cigarette butts where we stopped so Kelly walks a little further, acting like he wants to turn around, then says let's keep walking. 
Then we stop again. 

I apologize for being so uncooperative and stubborn all week. 

Then he reaches in his pocket....

And pulls out a Ziploc bag with a shiny, sparkly ring inside....And I can't breathe.  And he says something like, "Well, I have something to ask you."  Because really there is no smooth way to transition to the question "Will you marry me?"
He gets down on one knee, and I think I kept saying "Oh my god.  Oh my god.  Oh my god."

I could not have been more surprised!  This was not on my mind at all.  At least not on this.  You can see the shock in face, judging how my profile looks slightly similar too a Scream mask. 

So I said yes of course.  And then he goes to see if the ring fits.  You can kind of see the panic in his face in the picture below.  He goes from beaming to serious face.  Don't worry it fits perfect, its just a little tight over the knuckle, which means it won't fall off!

Here I am, forcing it over my knuckle.

Then I have to stare at it and touch it and make sure that this is real life.

Then he had to make sure I said yes so I said yes again!
And now we are engaged!!!!...
But that is not the entire story so stay tuned for Part III


Jenn said...

Yayyyy! I love reading this :) I also said "oh my god" throughout....and also "shut up" hahah. I hope you're still enjoying everything--it's SO much fun :)

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