Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bridal Shower DIY

My little sister is getting married in 10 days.  10!  Whoa.  Her bridal shower just so happened to the same say that I got engaged.  What a crazy day!  I was pretty proud of myself for pulling the whole thing off with the help of my mom.  All of the decorations were made by yours truly!  We had it at the clubhouse of my grandma's condo community.  I went with a rustic type theme, and the décor ended up matching the venue pretty well!
To label the food, I painted wine bottles with chalkboard paint, then wrote the name of the food on each bottle, put some locally grown wildflowers in them and tied twine around the top. 
Price- $2.00 (I already had the bottles, chalkboard paint, and twine.  I just had to buy the chalk marker.)
I love how it turned out!
I hung twine across the bar and clothes pinned pictures to it. 
Price- $7.00 (I already had the twine and the clothespins, I just had to print out the pictures.)


We had a fruit pizza bar, seen here. 

And more importantly, a mimosa bar.

For the tables, I used plain, cheap-o plastic table cloths in my sister's wedding color.  Then I put a strip of butcher paper, and a square of fabric.  For centerpieces, I painted a terracotta flowerpot with chalkboard paint, then decorated it with wildflowers using a chalk marker. 
Price- $9.00 per table (Tablecloth- $1.00, Butcher paper- free from school, Fabric $6.00 a yard with less than one yard used per table, Flower pot- $2.00, Zinnias- $3.00 each.)

I love this old window that I decorated with chalk marker!  This will definitely be making an appearance at the wedding!  I'm just going to change "Future" to "Mr. &"

We were so excited about how good it looked!

"Old, new, borrows, blue, Lauren is ready to say I do"


Lauren with my Grandma and Aunt Lisa

Lauren with her lifelong friend Sara and her mom.

My mom with her two aunts.

Time for a little trivia!

Some of Lauren's friends with their sisters and moms.

My favorite kids to babysit with their mom!
Trivia winners!

Lauren with her favorite gift. (The gift I gave her of course)

Lauren with her high school friends.


My furture flower girl! (Little did I know)

Now that is a beautiful bow-bouquet if I do say so myself!

10 days people!  10 days!


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