Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Making it big

So remember the pumpkin I painted last year?  If you don't you can read about it here. It looked like this:

 I had noticed recently that people were pinning it like crazy, and I heard from several people that it was one of the first painted pumpkins to pop up when you search "painted pupmkins" on Pinterest.  Sure enough, I just checked to see for myself and there it is!
Anyways, I got an email yesterday and it's going to be featured in an article on!  How cool is that!
If you remember, I actually didn't win the pumpkin contest last year.  I lost to a Duck Dynasty pumpkin...
Thankfully those bearded guys have kind of fallen off the map this year and I have a fabulous idea that's going to knock their socks off.
Pumpkin decorators beware!
In the meantime, be on the lookout for my gumball machine pumpkin on!


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