Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Weekend Recap

I hate it when an amazing weekend comes to end.  It makes the week go by at a turtle-like pace.  This past weekend was no exception.  Kelly and I drove up to Indy for my brother's Stock the Bar engagement party.
We may have stopped for a margarita (and some dinner) along the way.
We stayed with my sister and her husband...that's still weird to say!  Friday night we watched oodles of The Office and ate too much guacamole.
Saturday Kelly and I worked out and met them for lunch at Hop Cat in Broad Ripple.  We had a few delicious beers and ate way too many crack fries.  Have you had these?  OMG.  They are named appropriately.
Saturday night was the party.  Unfortunately I only took one picture. 
But it was so fun!  It made me excited for their wedding which is in 4 short months!
*Insert shocked emoji*
Sunday morning we met my BFF Emily for breakfast (still no pictures) and headed home, where we laid on the couch for the rest of the day!
Only 3 more days to go this week! 


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