Monday, May 5, 2014

I almost killed a family of baby bunnies.

I'm a little late today, but I'm linking up with some lovely ladies for a weekend recap!
Dateless in Dallas
This happened Thursday but it's just too funny not to share!  My first graders were using chalk pastel for the first time, so naturally they had it all over their hands and arms.  This darling sneezed into her hands and got it all over her face.  So funny!
This weekend was pretty uneventful, but the weather was wonderful!  Friday night we sat around the fire-pit and enjoyed the evening!

Saturday we did lots of work around the house.  I was raking some leaves out of our front landscaping when a baby bunny jumped out.  *Cue loud shriek*  Luckily before I started raking again I noticed the pile of leaves was kind of moving, so I raked it gently, instead of with full force like the first time I raked a bunny.  Out jumped three more baby bunnies.  *Cue loud shriek again*  I'm sure my neighbors (who were also working in their front yard) thought I was crazy. 

The bunnies made me so sad!  They were so cute and scared, and they didn't know where to go since I had destroyed their home!
Sunday it was sunny and 83, so I met my mom at the pool.  First pool day of the "summer"!

I came home to find one of my bunny friends still sitting on our porch.  Looking lost.  I was dying on the inside from all of the cute-ness.  I just wanted to pick it up!  I chopped up some carrots and spinach and put it near him so he would have something to nibble on, but he did not accept my offering.  I also tried to pet him.  He didn't like that very much either. 

Told you my weekend was exciting! 
I have a super busy week this week, so you may not be hearing much from me!
How was your weekend?


Kate at Green Fashionista said...

I saw the baby bunny on Instagram... ADORABLE!

Brianne said...

What a cute bunny!! I want to have a fire soon so bad.

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