Friday, June 6, 2014

I could say I'm good at golfing, but I would be lying.

I have golfed, like real golf not the miniature variety, twice in my life.  The first time was the teacher golf scramble last year on the last teacher work day.  The second time was the teacher golf scramble this year. 
I don't know a lot about golf, but I do know that we play best ball, and I know that we used my ball does that mean I'm good?  Does it count if I whiff the ball 10 times before I actually hit it?

Golf cart selfies...


The winning team got their name put on the Oakdale Open trophy, which was a mixing bowl glued to the top of a wooden stand.  My team unfortunately did not win, but if the trophy was for most fun had, we definitely would be the ones holding that trophy.

You could also use it to drink out of if you want...
(DISCLAIMER: There wasn't actually anything in there.  We aren't animals.)

After golfing was over, I convinced Kelly to take me out for margaritas and Mexican food.  Because nothing tastes better than Mexican food after a day of drinking!
Golfing is so much fun I think I might just take it up as a hobby!  I can't wait until next year's Oakdale Open!


Jennifer White said...

I've never golfed (for real)... Looks like you had fun!
First Grade Blue SKies

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