Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cards from Cardstore!

Cards are something I am weird about.  Most people give cards with their gifts, or send cards for a birthday or special occasion.  Not this girl.  I feel like cards are a waste of time.  You spend $3+ to sign your name on the inside, and have the recipient throw it away a few days later.  See? Waste of money!
I would much rather make the birthday person an awesome hand-drawn sign or a homemade card.  Something that is worth keeping!
The cards at are totally worth keeping!
I ordered one for my sister's birthday and it turned out so cute!
I was able to add my own pictures and words to a pre-made template, so it was really quick and easy.  I even got to pick my fonts and font colors!
I thought a picture of the empty beer fridge was perfect for her 21st birthday. 
"Where did the beer go?"
The template had a pre-written message on the inside, but I got to add some of my own words too!
Oh and sister is spelled wrong on purpose. 
Not sure why, but that's just how we do things around here.  :-)
The best part about this card?
It has pictures so it's something that is worth keeping!  It could even be framed or put up on a bulletin board!
Oh and it was delivered right to my doorstep in 3-4 printing necessary.
I would highly recommend ordering from Cardstore for your next special occasion card or even a "just because" card!  They are something worth keeping!
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