Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I graduated!

Good news!  The Blog Bigs and Littles partner list came out yesterday, and I graduated to a big!  Whoop whoop! 
Previously, Holly from Back Home Again was my big.  She answered so many of my bloggy questions that I had for so long.  It was great getting to know her!  We even went on a blate!
My LITTLE is Nicole from Pearls and Prosecco...such a cute blog name!  She lives in Italy...jealous much?  I can already tell I am going to like her!  Maybe we can go on a blate too...I love Italy!
I'll be back soon with more good stuff.  The end of the quarter is kicking my booty...the massive amount of papers sitting on my floor, waiting to be graded...well it really makes me want to cry.  Or jut sigh heavily.  *Le sigh*
Happy Wednesday!


Holly Higgins said...

Yay for graduating to being a big! :-)

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