Thursday, October 31, 2013

The time Halloween was cancelled.

That time is now.  Halloween is being post-poned until tomorrow around these parts, and I am saying "WTF mate?"  Due to impending severe weather, cities and towns around this area have suggested that the kids wait to go trick-or-treating until tomorrow.
Which means that I will now have to answer my door repeatedly for two nights instead of just one...Because you know people are just going to go both nights. Duh.  Which means that I have to buy more candy.  And also we have a candy thief in my house so we didn't have very much to begin with.
My original plan was to keep our porch lights turned off, so no one would even bother ringing the door bell (we are not really going to be home tonight anyways).  But then I realized that we have no blinds or curtains in our living room (because we just moved here...6 months ago), so even if the porch lights weren't on, you can still tell we are home. 
So since we have no curtains or blinds when people come up to ring our doorbell, they will be able to see us sitting our living room.  And we could just wave at them and smile, but I guess we can answer the door and be upstanding citizens. 
Okay I am really not that much of a grump.  I just think it's silly to "reschedule" Halloween.  We don't "reschedule" Christmas or Easter.  And I can remember plenty of times when I trick-or-treated in the rain.
And just because there is such thing as Pinterest, I went ahead and picked out my costume, even though I don't need a costume.
I would be Kevin because Kelly says I make a good bird noise, and I would make Kelly be the boy scout.

Because we love playing "Guess Who?" And I am awesome at it.

The teacher in me really wants to be Pinkalicious.  Or Goldilicious.  Or Purplicious.  Perfect school costumes for the specials teachers (art, music, and library).
And this, only because it might be even more ridiculous than the costumes Kelly and I wore a few years ago.

I wanted to be ketchup.  But there was no ketchup.  That is all I have to say about that.

Happy Halloween!

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Jenn said...

I love the Guess Who costume idea--hadn't seen that one yet (I play that with kids at my school all the time!)
Also loved the WTF Mate reference :)

Pearls and Prosecco said...

Since we live in Italy we don't have trick-or-treaters, and I kind of miss it! Definitely wouldn't want it two nights in a row though... that's just crazy.

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