Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Night-In

There is nothing better than a night-in after a long week!
Some ice-cold Moscato on an hot, hot day is exactly what I needed!

 Pizza on the grill... if you have never grilled pizza before, you are missing out!

This particular pizza has pesto as the sauce, sliced garden fresh tomatoes (not from my garden because my tomatoes didn't grow, remember?  But from someones garden nonetheless!), grilled chicken, fresh mozzarella, and sun dried- tomatoes on top, all on a thin, whole-wheat crust!

I'm not kidding, if you have never cooked a pizza on the grill before, you have to try it!  It gets so crispy and a little smokey, and it's just so delicious!  Just make sure you cook it on low and on foil so the doesn't burn!

A night of LOST.  Yes, we are still watching this, and yes, we still have two more seasons to go!  Someday all the questions will be answered!....So mysterious. Ha

And last, but not least, an Edy's strawberry fruit bar, with my Moscato of course!  The bottle may or may not be gone by this time...... Whoops!  Have you had Edy's fruit bars?  They are so yummy on a steamy day, and only 80 calories! I've had the pineapple ones the coconut ones too.  They are also very tasty!! 

Have a GREAT weekend!


Simone said...

Love me some moscato! Geez come to think of it any wine will do! Listen to me sounding like a complete wine-o! Sounds like you heads relaxing and delicious night in!


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