Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend Fun

How was every one's weekend?  Mine was GREAT!  And the best part is I only have 3 more days (not counting today of course) until our flight leaves for Orlando!  Yay for Disney World!  And the Olympics start this week!  It just can't get much better!  Except for I now have a random cold.  It came out of nowhere! Hopefully I can kick it before we leave!

Saturday night we went to this little restaurant called Knob Hill Tavern and ate dinner on the patio...It was so nice outside! 

Kelly's beer.

My Chardonnay.  Isn't it so pretty? 

Greek yummy!

I had the bourbon glazed salmon along with my salad.  It came with a baked potato and a roll. 
The salmon was soooo good!  One of the better grilled salmons I have ever had!  We will definitely be going back again before summer is over!

Yesterday I painted my coffee table an olive-ish green color, with a black chalkboard top!  It looks so good, and I can't believe it only took me 4 hours (including dry-time)!  I can't wait to share pics once I get my living put back together!

Have a great day! 


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