Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Ok let's just state the obvious...Do you like it?!?! Because I am IN LOVE with my new design. 

A great, many thanks goes out to the girls at Honey Bunch Blog Design!

Misty and Erica totally saw my vision and knew exactly what I wanted.  They even dealt with me when I was getting picky about my fonts!  Fonts are important!  I am just BEYOND excited about it!

Now for the real post! Happy Insta-Tuesday!  Let's link up with Jane

Ok this always happens...I think I have so many pictures, and then it turns out that I only have a couple of boring ones! 

It was so nice outside on Saturday!

And where was I you ask?

Inside, working at the salon. 

So I took a picture of the pretty day from how I saw it...until 2:00 anyways.
Then Kelly and I went out to lunch at Cheeseburger in Paradise with my very best friend Megan and her man friend/"we're just friends"...yeah right Megan.  I'm not drinking that Kool-Aid. ;-) 
I should have taken a picture of us and put it on Instagram!
But I didn't...because we were having to much fun talking, and complaining about everything that is changing with education in this state, and drinking margaritas having intellectual conversations about our philosophies on life.
 I had to snap a picture at the pool on Sunday because it's probably going to be one of the last days for the pool.

Cherished moments people.
 Friday night we had a bad storm.

I went out in our backyard/shoulder of the interstate on Sunday so I could paint my desk, and I saw this.
  A fallen tree that we didn't even notice until Sunday!
Good thing it wasn't a big tree or it would have been in our living room!
I think it's still sitting out there, but I'm not really sure because it's not my responsibility.  That's the beauty of living in an apartment!
Oh by the way....
Remember the desk I painted on Sunday ^^^?
There it lies.  It is SO heavy.  Kelly and I put forth our best efforts to bring it in and put it where I want it.  This is as far as we got.  There's always next weekend...nothing like a desk sitting in the middle of your living room!

I hope all of my boring pictures didn't steer you too clear of this little blog!

Have a blessed Tuesday!


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