Friday, April 11, 2014

Birthday cake calories don't count.

Last night it dawned on me that today I am 26...closer to 30 than to 20.  I don't really like that so much.  I like my twenties!  I don't want them to go away! But age is just a number right? A number that I'm growing less and less fond of. 
I am so excited to celebrate my birthday today!  (And the whole weekend for that matter)  Kelly and I are taking half days today so that we can drive up to Indy and spend the weekend with my brother and sister.  We will actually get there before it's dark!

Oh and they are having a pitch-in breakfast for me at school!  Really it's for the parent volunteers, but hardly any of them actually come so the teachers always get to eat the leftovers.  So that means it's for my birthday right?
Tomorrow we have tickets for the Indy Brew Bus.  It's a little bus that drives you around from brewery to brewery in Indy.  I did it once over the summer with my friend Emily, but I am so excited to go with my sibs!
Have a great weekend!
P.S. This is my mantra today.
Not only do they not count, but they are also negative calories.  And the same goes for birthday eve cake.  And cheesecake.  And brownies.  And sugar cookies.  Not that I ate all that yesterday or anything.
I'm going to be so skinny!


Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Happy Birthday Weekend! :-D

And don't be afraid of 30... my 30th b-day last summer was my most fun one yet, and 30 has been MUCH better than 20 ;-)

Barbs LeCupcake said...

happy caloriesday!!

Holly Higgins said...

Hope you had a great birthday and birthday weekend! As someone who will be celebrating their fourth 29th birthday this's not that bad :-)

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