Thursday, April 10, 2014

Birthday Wish List

There's is no better way to spend your birthday eve than to create a fictional birthday wishlist of things from Pinterest that you would like to own, but let's face it, that will probably never happen.  Most likely because there is about a 75% chance that all of these pins are broken links and lead to nothing.  That seems to be the case every time I try to buy something....But if you feel like you want to get me a present, feel free to browse my You could buy me that board...Just sayin'.  I won't even be mad that if it doesn't arrive on my actual birthday. 

I'm not really sure if there is anything better than getting presents.  It's my favorite birthday activity...Maybe even more than eating cake.  And everyone knows I really like cake.
Happy Thursday!


The Schellers said...

I'm just sayin... Kelly should totally get you a puppy like that! : )

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