Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Funday Tuesday

I didn't have time to blog yesterday.  So here I am, doing the Funday Monday link-up on a Tuesday.
My mom and I traveled to Indy again to do some wedding planning with my sister.  Friday night we mostly just talked about some stuff out and decided on her colors, all the while eating and have some drinks.  She also tried on my mom's wedding dress, but I didn't take the picture on my phone, and forgot to send it to myself!
Saturday I had an all-day union meeting (which was the real reason why I went up there).  After that boring thing was over we went wedding dress shopping!  She tried on 5 dresses and decided to get the first one!  The place we went to was having a one day only, 20% off sale, and she was going to have to order a dress before Thursday to get it in time for her wedding in September, so she decided to go for it!
Saturday night we met up with my dad (who was also in Indy for some soccer games) and went out to eat at a place called Bourbon St. to celebrate the finding of her dress. 

Sunday we went to church with my sister and fiancée Andrew (will it ever not be confusing that our brother is named Andrew too?).  Then we had lunch at Shapiro's, where I had my first Reuben.  It may have been my first, but I'm pretty sure it will be the best one I've ever had.  

Then we packed up the pup and headed back home.

It started storming on the way home, and it has been raining ever since!

That's some spring for ya!
How was your weekend?



Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Yayyyyy for sis finding a dress! And loving that sleeping pupper picture <3

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