Friday, February 15, 2013

Dear Friday

Dear Friday- Thanks for getting here so quickly.  I missed you and your after school drinks. 
Dear Indianapolis- I can't wait to meet up with you tonight. 
Dear Family-  We are going to have a great weekend!
Dear Kelly-  I cannot wait to set up and use my Valentine's Day present!  We cannot move soon enough!
Garden Treasures 33.6-in Black Steel Wood-Burning Fire Pit
Dear Valentine's gift- Why didn't you hide yourself better in the closet?  He wasn't supposed to find you!
Dear Buffalo Wild Wings waitress- Thanks for taking care of us every week and making us treats for Valentine's Day.  That's what happens when we go every week I guess! (Of course I couldn't eat them because I gave up sweets for Lent!)
Dear sister- I always knew we were twins!
  Dear followers- Thanks for reading! And have a great weekend!


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