Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Very Own Clip Chart

It's been a while since I have posted about anything I made or anything teacher-y for that matter.  In fact, I just remembered that I still have to post about my crafts that I made for Christmas gifts.
This past weekend I spent a lot of time creating a clip chart for my classroom.  The current behavior system that was in place was boring, old fashioned, and it just wasn't working for me! 
I had a lot of things to think about while doing this.
How do you have a system for 500+ students?
How do you reward 500+ students?
How do you keep track of their conduct so when a parent asks you about their conduct grade you can tell them exactly what's going on? 
Here it is:
It's your typical clip chart, but instead of each student having a clip, each teacher/class has one clip. 
Each level is an artist, and has a picture of the artist and some works they have done (Crossing off standards while I'm doing this because that counts as art history!)
They all start off as "Ready Rembrandts".  They can get 3 points if they stay here.
Then they can go up to "Wise Warhol" and get 4 points.
Or they can move up again a be "Perfect Pollocks".  This is 5 points.
 Or even they are really great that day they might even move up to "Awesome O'Keefe".  This is 6 points.  (I made sure not to use some of her more "feminine" paintings.)
 If they are not so good, they can move down to "Listen Leonardo".  2 points

Even worse is "Sad Seurat".  1 point.
 And if it's a horrible day, "Difficult Dali".  0 points.
The whole class can cause the clip to move, in which case I will move it.  Or one student can make the clip move, and I will make them move it.  I have a trusty clipboard with all of my class lists and seating charts, so if a student moves a clip I just put a mark by their name. 
I record the points that they get after each class on this chart.  Then we start over the next time they come to Art. 
And the class for each grade that has the most points at the end of the quarter, gets to have a "celebration".  No big deal, it's just a break from our projects.  We might do a coloring sheet (which they love) or have a free draw day.  Maybe a movie. 
And Voila!  That's what I came up with!  No crazy amounts of clips.  It doesn't take up any extra time, and it seems to be working so far!


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