Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy Hour and This is My Confession

Ok you know when you read that post title you sang the Usher song. 

I know I did.

And I still am.

These are my confessions
Just when I thought I said all I could say
My chick on the side said she got one on the way.....

I think I will love that song forever.  And ever.

Happy Thirsty Thursday!

Let's have a drink with  Trish @ Tales from Trish and Jenn @ Going to the Distance !

I cna't wait to try my drink for today!

Summer Punch

Pinned Image

-2 bottles of Moscato
-1 can of pink lemonade concentrate
-3 cups of Sprite
-Fresh raspberries

This sounds so refreshing for a summer evening!

Now let's talk.  About obsessions.

Bonnie at Living a Wonderfull Life is having a linky party to confess all of your obessions.  I have a few current obsessions.

1.  Forever 21- 
I have always loved this store, but one just opened up in our mall this past month and OMG.  I spent $112 there last week.  I got a bunch of cute stuff!  I can foresee this being really bad though because now I feel like I have to go in there everytime I go to the mall!  I was babysitting the other day, and we had some extra time and were near the mall, so we went inside to play on the little playground there.  This playground just so happens to be right next to Forever 21.  It was so hard not to go in!  I just kept staring inside trying to get a glimpse of the clothes!

2.  My Cool Cup-
I don't know where this thing came from, but it has not left my side since I got it.  One of my students got it for me for the last day of school.  I'm sure you have seen them before.  It's like a Tervis Tumbler only it has this gel stuff in side so you can freeze it, and it has a lid with a straw and grippies on the side.  Nothing new, but I love it.  (Still love my Tervis' though.  I don't want to hurt their feelings.)

3.  LOST-
I watched this show when it first came on, and I kept up with it for a good 4 or 5 seasons.  Then I just got, well, lost.  It got so weird and confusing and hard to keep up with.  So I quit watching it.  (It didn't help that I left for college and no longer had a DVR. Ahh the dorm life.)  But the boy and I have started watching the seasons from the very first episode.  I can't wait to watch every night!  It's what keeps me going through the day!  We are getting ready to start season 3, and it is not toooooo weird yet, but I think watching them all at once helps me put it all together. 

Random side note:  Did you hear about the zombie-like man that they found in Florida?  I am not one to believe these stories (and I don't really think he is a zombie), but I have seen it in multiple places now!  SICK!

Pinned Image
I'll leave you with this picture so you can get that image out of your head.

Who doesn't love puppies and bunnies?

Happy Thursday!

Have a great day!


Jenn said...

I almost used the drink you used today--it looks SO good and super easy!

I also talked about the zombie dude today--totally weird, and totally gross. Blech!

I like Forever 21 still, too. No shame in my game! :)

Kelley Dolling said...

Your writing style won me over instantly (not to mention that cocktail recipe). I cannot wait to see what else you have up your sleeve :) I be a followin' ya!

Kelley Dolling
Teacher Idea Factory

Elyse said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Elyse @ My Life With a Cherry on Top

Corinna said...

Forever 21 has great deals, love it:) I hear you on the whole Lost thing!! It was actually filmed right near my house, I plan to blog about it this summer:)

Surfin' Through Second

Deborah said...

Just dropped in to see what your obsessions were. :o)

S. Simpson said...

Awwww thank you for reminding me about Lost. I spent many nights rewinding my DVR trying to figure out what in the world was going on. I'm glad I found your blog.


Living a Wonderful Life said...

Thanks SO much for linking up! I'm your newest follower! I have only been to Forever 21 once and that was about 8 years ago. One just opened up here and it's probably a good thing it's not close to my house!

Living A Wonderful Life

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