Monday, June 18, 2012

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Aren't Mondays such a bummer after a great weekend?

It's not so bad though...I just ate almost half a cantaloupe for breakfast (it was so good, I just couldn't quit!), and I already have a pork tenderloin marinating for dinner tonight! 

Here is my weekend via instagram:

We went to an Otters game on Saturday.  It's so nice that our little ol' town has their very own baseball team.  We love going to games in the summer because they are so chill.  Nobody really cares if they win or lose (except for the loud guy sitting in front of us apparently), and its just a fun atmosphere!  Especially with an ice cold beer in hand!  The best part is you can usually score free tickets!

After the game was over they had a pretty good fireworks show!

Let me tell you a story about this cactus.  My mom and I randomly bought this cactus at Wal-Mart like four years ago.  It was really small, but it had a really pretty pink flower on top of it.  We put the cactus outside on the porch, and as it started growing, the flower started growing more and more on the side until it finally fell off.  

It was hot glued to the top of the plant.  So misleading! 

Now, four years later, there is a REAL flower on the top! 

I was at home this morning when we discovered it, and it looked like the above picture.

Later on in the day, my mom sent me this picture!

How awesome is that!?!


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