Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekend Fun

What a fun weekend!

Friday night we went to Bar Louie to celebrate...well...their awesome tater tots?

Loaded Tater Tots

I don't know if you have had these before, but if you haven't then you need to locate the nearest Bar Louie right away!  They are the kind of thing I dream about.  Which is what happened this week, so of course we had to go! 

These tots are super crispy and layered with creamy queso, bacon pieces, and spicy giardiniera (which is what makes them so amazing!). YUM!

Saturday night we went to an event called the Zoo Brew.  For $25 you got to sample a TON of different beers and wines from local breweries and wineries.  Plus there were a TON of restaurants there giving out samples of their best food!  Aaaand it was at the zoo, which made it that much better!

I can't even tell you how much stuff we was a lot.  It's a good thing our local zoo is very hilly so we burned a lot of calories while walking around and around!

I wish it wasn't so dark so you could tell we were at the zoo!

Today we had to go to Kelly's company picnic. 

I was pretty impressed!  They had a dunking booth, multiple bouncy houses, a cornhole tournament, a photobooth, a band, and a catered meal! 
Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of all that fun because no one else was taking pictures, and since I didn't really know anyone I didn't want to look like a loser! Haha

I do have our pics from the photo booth though!

The thing about photo booths though is that I am never ready when the picture is taken...too many props!  Ha

Have a great week!


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