Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mod Podge Letters- Crafty Projects Vol. 1

As I have mentioned, I have been spending my summer taking on all things crafty.

You would think I would complete a project before starting another one, but that it NOT the case here. 

I start a new project about every other day, and the people at JoAnn Fabrics now know me by name.

I even went to Lowe's yesterday! at Lowe''s really hard to believe (I needed some sturdy wire).  The thing about Lowe's is that it's really big, and it's especially big when your flip flop breaks (the flip comes out of the flop as I like to say) as you are walking in.  I should have just left, but I finally made it there after meaning to go there for like a week!

I had to hobble around the whole store looking for hanging wire by scooting/ dragging one foot behind me in an effort to keep my shoe on. 

Yes people were staring. 

I finally got to the wire found what I needed and dragged my leg/foot/shoe back down the aisle and to the cash register. 

I thought I was home free when I got to the parking lot when I decided I decided to fore-go my broken flop and walk with only one shoe (I didn't feel like that was appropriate in the store). The problem with that was that I forgot it was 98 degrees outside and the asphault was basically on fire.  So then I had to run with one shoe on and one burning foot.  

This is my life!

Anyways back to the whole point of this post:  My crafty project.

I bought some wooden letters at JoAnn's for pretty cheap (I had a lot of coupons).

I painted around the edges of letter with black acrylic paint.  Nothing expensive just regular old black paint.

And as it turns out I forgot to take pictures of all the other steps. Ha

I got some scrapbook paper (mine is all black and white match-y, but you can use whatever kinds you like).

I turned the letters over on the paper so the backside was facing up, and I traced the letters on the paper.  I actually only traced half of each letter onto the paper so I could I have two papers on each letter. 

I cut the half-letters out, and made sure they fit on the front side of the wooden letter and that everything lined up.  If it didn't I trimmed the paper down some. 

Then I coated the front of the wooden letter with the ever-wonderful Mod Podge, and put the paper on top of it (both halves since I was using two kinds), making sure it was all lined up on the edges and smoothed out with no bumps or wrinkles. 

Then I coated the top of the paper (that is now on the wooden letter) with Mod Podge.  Be sure to use enough so that the paper adheres to the edges and loses it's stiffness.  You will be able to tell when the paper sort of "becomes one" with the wood. 

Also make sure that you get the Mod Podge around the black edges of the letter so that it will be glossy too.  I used my fingers for this part so I could also smooth down the edges.

Let it dry.

Once it is dry, I measured out some ribbon to put on the letter where the two different papers met in the middle.  I hot glued the ribbon to the letters and voila!

I used Command strips to hang the letters up, but I had to hot glue the strip to the back of the letter because it wouldn't stick. 

I think it looks pretty good if I do say so myself!


Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

Wow - this looks great! Doesn't sound too difficult - and super cute.

Jessica Stanford said...

Love this!

Jessica Stanford
Mrs. Stanford's Class
I need your help! Come check out my last post ❤

Jessica said...

Looks great!! Do you think you could take a picture of your hanging mechanism? I got everything else from your description, I just can't visualize that final step! If you can't tell, I totally want to make some for myself - great job!

Elyse said...

I took some more pictures for you, I just have to get them posted!

SouthernVintageSoul said...

I love the letters! And the running with one shoe on the asphalt. That's too funny, and now I know I'm not the only one! Lol great job!

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