Tuesday, March 19, 2013

5 for Five...A Little Late

Hey remember me?  Did you miss me?  I feel like I have been gone forever, even though it's really only been a little over a week.  We got a moved in, but we didn't have internet last week!  It was horrendous I tell ya! 

Even though I am a little late, I thought I would go back and check my goals from two weeks ago with Jessica @ Fantastically Average and Jenn @ Party of One!
Here were my goals from two weeks ago:
1.  Download new music.  I finally got a new phone!  That wasn't even on the list!  I started the process of getting new music on my phone.  I made a wishlist on iTunes of all the songs I want.  I didn't have my gift card with me, so I didn't want to purchase anything yet.
2.  Be completely moved out of our apartment by next Monday.  We are completely moved into our house now, still getting settled, but we are here!  There are still a few little odds and ends left at our apartment, but we still have a month left on our lease, so it's no biggie.
3.  Start planning Kelly's birthday/ St. Patrick's Day party.  Done and over!  It was a blast!  I can't wait to share pictures!
4.  Hang up my clothes!  My closet is still getting organizers.  I used all of the hangers that I bought, and now I need more!
5.  Get at least one craft project done. Not even close.  I did think about what I want to do with some stuff, but nothing actually got accomplished with that.
Here are my goals for next week:
1.  Be packed for Spring Break by Wednesday night...at least the clothes and shoes part.  We are leaving for Florida on early Saturday morning!  Whoop whoop!
2.  Plan lessons for the week after Spring Break.  Gots to be prepared for when I come back, and I am definitely not doing any work on vacation. 
3.  Lose 3 lbs.  The scale was one of the last things we brought over to the house.  That was not a good idea.  I run into problems when I don't weigh myself every day. 
4.  Workout everyday this week!  Even on Saturday when we get to Florida.
5.  Establish a morning routine.  I am usually a morning blogger.  I get up early, drink my coffee, read some blogs, write a post or two, check Pinterest....Well now it takes me longer to get to school,
so I don't have as much time in the morning.  Not mention that I am tired of getting up at 4:00 am. I haven't quite got it figured out yet.   
Check back next week to see how I did!


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