Monday, August 26, 2013

5 for Five is back!

Hi hi!  It's Monday, and I'm trying to get motivated...So you know what that means.  Yes!  Five for 5 is back!  It was nice to have a lazy summer, but now its time to get some things done around here with Jenn @ Party of One

1.  Fold my laundry. 
This will forever be one of my goals for the week because it never gets done.
2.  Take pictures of my classroom.
I haven't quite felt like my room is "picture" ready yet, but it's time to just take them and get it over with before things start to fall apart!
3.  No diet coke. 
At the end of the school year last year, I was down to only drinking diet coke if I went out to eat.  Over the summer I went out to eat a I drank more diet coke.  Now school is back in session, and I find myself sneaking them in here and there because I need a caffeine boost.  No more of that!
4.  Drink at least 6 bottles of water a day. 
School has started and my water intake has gone down once again.  Drink more water...Bladder is full more often.  No time for that.  My body needs to re-adjust.
5.  Get to school early  (30 minutes or more) 4 out of 5 days. 
If I get there early, then I don't have to stay as late!
I've got some work to do!
Happy Monday!  


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