Friday, August 30, 2013

5 things I'm still sad about

5 things I am still sad about even though they happened a long time ago (I could probably come up with more but I'm on a time crunch, and plus they might start getting too serious.  And who wants to be serious?  It's Friday that's not allowed):
The end of Friends. 
 Couldn't we have gone to the countryside with Monica and Chandler?  Couldn't everyone move to the countryside with Monica and Chandler, and the show could have continued?
It NEVER gets old.
The end of Waffle Crisp.
My mom would never buy this for us because it was too sugary.  Hence the reason why I always stayed the night at my best friend Kara's house.  They always had Waffle Crisp.  That sh** was delicious.
The end of our favorite bar.
The Fox and Hound was wear Kelly and I first became friends.  We met at Buffalo Wild Wings.  We became friends because of The Fox and Hound. 
Please excuse this picture.  It's awful, but it's the only one I could find.
The end of Boy Meets World.
Maybe not the end of the show because I never truly got into the show until after it was over...but definitely the end of the reruns of the show on some channel every moment of every day.  It used to be that at any given moment, on any given day you could watch Boy Meets World.  Those were the golden days.
The end of childhood naps.
I could put the e-card here about taking back all the times we didn't want to take a nap when we were a kid, but everyone has seen that old thing.  Instead, I will just say that I wish we lived in Spain where everyone takes a two+ hour lunch break, so they can go home, eat lunch with their families, and take a nap.  Then they work a little later.  I always knew I born in the wrong country. 


Kate at Green Fashionista said...

I cried when Friends aired it's series finale... reruns of Friends, Seinfeld, and The O.C. will never get old and I could watch them over and over and over...

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