Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend Recap- Tall girl problems

Oh Monday.  Once again you have arrived like an unwelcomed slap in the face.  We are coming of a fantastic and spontaneous weekend.  Yes I said spontaneous.  Do you know me?  I am about as spontaneous goldfish.  It's the teacher in me...I always have to have a plan.
So we decided on Thursday night to go to Indy Saturday night.  Kelly friend was in town from the army so they decided they wanted to celebrate by driving up to Indy and renting a limo for the night. 
1.  The girls at La Margarita in Fountain Square.  This is where I had the hottest burrito ever.  I like spicy food and feel like I can handle it pretty well, but this thing was so hot!  Kelly ordered it, but couldn't eat it so I traded him.  Holy habanero!
2.  Our ride for the night.
3.  The boys.
4.  My delicious margarita.  It was real.  None of that mix stuff!
5.   My two best friends.  No I'm not wearing heels.  Yes they are standing.  We look ridiculous together. 
6.  The best omelet from Café Patachou in Broad Ripple.  Balsamic onion, spinach, mushrooms, and goat cheese.  So good!  And cinnamon toast which was also so good!  If you can notice in the background, I had to have a morning bloody mary to prolong the hangover.  That was also delicious.

 7.  Sign in the bathroom.

8.  Photo bomb.

9.  Riding around in the limo.

10.  The best sibs and plus ones ever.  I'm so glad they met us out!
Now I am off to school to attempt to get everything done that I was supposed to do yesterday but decided not to go in!  Here's to hoping!

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Holly Higgins said...

I'm always the short one. Too funny!

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