Monday, August 12, 2013

Ready or Not!

Have you ever titled a post the same thing twice?  I am thinking that I have already had a post named "Ready or Not!", but I don't feel like going back and checking.  All I really care about today is that I'm back! AND it's the first day of school!  AND I actually feel like I am prepared!  Last week I was really nervous about getting everything done, and I felt like I had never done this before.
I had to tell myself, "Hey Self!  You were in this exact same position last semester!  You got this!"  Myself listened, and I'm not really that nervous anymore.  I got this.
It feels like I have been gone forever, but it was actually only two weeks in case you were wondering.  My bloglovin feed was going crazy...At one point I had over 300 new posts to read.....AHH!  I can't keep up with you people. 
While I was gone I did lots of fun things that I can't wait to blog about, including a trip to Chicago and a night with Blake Shelton...okay I wasn't actually with him, but I can pretend.
Here's a sneak peek of what it to come!
Okay enough of this choppy post.
Happy Monday and happy first day of school!


Pooja Mittal said...

This is such a innovative name of the post... Never used same name twice , but this one has to be used more than once...
Gr8 pics... Seems u gad lotof fum past couple of days...
Happy Monday
Keep in touch,

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