Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Oh How Pinteresting! and What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I took a little break from this link up over the summer, but back to school means back to OHP! with Michelle and WILW with Jamie!

Today I am loving school!  It's always so depressing that summer is "over", and it's time to go back.  But once it starts and I get in my groove I can't get enough of school!  It's funny how summer makes me forget how much I love my job!
P.S. I am loving that summer is actually NOT over despite what people keep saying.  Let's not push the seasons people.  Summer doesn't end until September 22!  Enjoy it!
I am loving the show "Drunk History".  Have you seen it?  It's exactly what it sounds like.  People getting drunk, talking about history.  It's hilarious!
I am loving that they are doing some replays of shark week this week.  I missed most of it last week because I was getting my classroom ready.  Was it just me or were there not as many shows this year?

I am loving that back to school means back to my regular eating schedule.  My body is happy about it too!

I am loving my pins!  You can find them all here!

Cheddar Poblano Soup

So cute for school!

I want this for my kitchen!

She would say that.

Happy Wednesday friends!  It's so good to be back!


Jenn said...

I love all of your pins (the soup looks really yum!)
Glad you're enjoying being back at school. I have another week and a half and I'm soaking it in while I can cuz I know it'll be over before I know it haha.

Julie said...

I love that "Life is a Kitchen" one and literally laughed out loud for the last one. She totally would say that. lol

Amy Powell said...

I'm always impressed with you teacher & how you can go back/forth between schedules. not sure I could handle that!

have a great Wednesday :)

xoxo, Amy @ Interpret As You May

Erin O'Riordan said...

That dress is SO pretty, especially with those boots!

Rebecca and Lori said...

Great pins- the food looks so yummy! I'm back to school too- we started last Thursday. When I say summer's over I always mean the vacation aspect of it, especially since I have to set the old alarm clock again to make it to the classroom on time.
Good luck with this school year!

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