Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Why don't people where cowboy boots more often?

It seems like forever ago now, but I went to see my boy Blake Shelton in concert a few weeks ago.  Love that guy!  I was originally supposed to go with my sister and my mom, but my sister was unable to go after all, so my brother came in her place! And I'm so glad he did!
We got there early so we could have a little parking lot party before the concert.

This is the only picture I took once we were at the concert.  And I'm okay with that.  Who wants a bunch a blurry picture of what seems to be an ant with a bunch of flashing lights around them.  Not this girl, I'd rather spend my time belting out all the tunes.
I did actually take some videos, but I'm not going to put those on here either.  You can hear me singing in them and no one wants to hear that.  A singer, I am not.
My most favorite part of the concert was when Blake pretended that he was going to sing Cassidy Pope's new song, but he kept messing up all the words (that was corny).  Then she popped out on stage and sang it herself.  I was freaking.  I love that song.
He sang some of Miranda's songs too which was really cute.  I though she was going to come out with him too, but she never did.  Boo to that.  It was still one of the better concerts I have been too!  Especially since the next week we went to Lynyrd Sknyrd.  Let's just say they are too old to be rocking out like that.  Someone might break something.
Have a great Tuesday!
P.S. I heart these boots.  I wish I could wear them everyday!


Ashley said...

Your boots are so cute! I love wearing mine. They are so comfy!

Holly Higgins said...

Those boots are really cute! And I'm totally with you on the ants. I took several photos when I saw Coldplay a few years back and they just look so silly!

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