Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lessons Learned Volume 1

I am sure many fellow teachers can identify with having to scarf down your lunch so fast you can't even taste it.  Me being the aide that I am, I have lunch duty EVERY day, so I have to endure this speed-eating every time I eat lunch.  So today I decided to "enjoy" some soup for lunch. 

Only too bad for me because I heated it up in the microwave too long so it was really hot. 

First bite: "Oooh Ah HHHHHot"
Second bite: blow on it "Oooh Ah HHHHHot!"
Third bite: blow on it longer "Oooh Ah HHHHHoooooot!!!"
Fourth bite: "Gotta keep going...gotta hurry!"
Fifth bite:  by this time I no longer had any taste buds so it didn't even matter!

Why didn't you just let it cool off you say?  Ha you obviously never had lunch duty in Kindergarten....Because by that time my "eating time" would have been over, and the children would be running wild in the cafeteria (smashing grapes on the floor, spitting straw wrappers, spilling milk, etc.).  Now you are probably thinking that I teach at a zoo, not a school, but they have been so wound up this week!

Lesson learned:  You should never try to eat soup when you have lunch duty. 

As for me, I will be walking around with a burnt tongue for the remainder of the day. 
Happy Tuesday! :-)


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