Monday, March 26, 2012

A Room With A View?

Oooooh it's been such a rough day!  Someone stole one of our chairs by the pool (not cool) and I couldn't get the shower head to spray the right way....UGH!!!

We stopped by the resort we used to stay at for old time sake.

 We were hoping to see an alligator in the lake behind the pool (we have before!), but we did see a pretty big turtle! 

The sun was so bright!

When we checked into the condo yesterday afternoon, the receptionist asked if we wanted a room with a pool view or a room with a fireworks view (fireworks at Disney World that is)....we quickly learned that you always choose the room with the pool view!

Here is the pool view.... 

Here is the "fireworks" view
Nice and....under-developed.

There is a lake back there though!

Here is the reason we chose the fireworks view...

See that little red blob of light in the distance?  Yes?  Those are the fireworks at Disney World!  Totally worth it, right?  Ha.  Did you see the picture of the pool?

Just so you know, the fireworks works display was much better tonight, and here is a picture of the sunset from our room, so it's not a total loss.  :-)

Sweet dreams!


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