Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Button Letters- Crafty Projects Vol. 2

I'm back! 

With some real posts!

Since I've been back I have made it a point to finish some of my many projects that I have started (after all, there are only 4 official weekdays of summer left).

Remember this from Pinterest?  I'm sure everyone has seen it.

Source: etsy.com via Elyse on Pinterest

I made a version of this for my bedroom!

Here's how:

I cut out some squares of foam board.  Luckily my dad owns a printing business, so I just found some old scrap there and cut it down with his foam board cutter.  If you don't have a dad with a printing business, you can find poster board size foam board at WalMart.  You just have to cut it down with a SHARP box cutter, but be careful because it's very easy to cut it crooked and crush the board.  You could also use squares of wood, cork, or canvas, but those might cost a little more.

Then I bought those fabric squares that quilters use, and they fit the boards perfect!  Plus, you can usually find them on sale for $0.50-1.00. 

Make sure you iron the fabric before you glue it to the boards because it tends to be very creased!

Lay the fabric face down and put the board in the middle.

Using hot glue, glue the edges down by putting some glue on the board and stretching the fabric over the board, one side at a time.

If your boards are smaller, you may have to trim the edges of the fabric down before gluing.  After gluing the edges, you also may have to trim the corners where the fabric overlaps.  It tends to bunch up and stick out. 

Here are my finished boards.

Then you will need buttons.  LOTS of buttons, like hundreds and hundreds.  At first I laid all the buttons out in the arrangement that I wanted and then glued them down.  As I started to move along though, I got kind of ballsy, and I drew the letter on the board with permanent marker and glued the buttons down over the top.   

Here is a board with all of the buttons glued down.

The final product:

I just LOVE it!  I made some for my living room too, but I haven't got them up yet.  My only criticism about this project is that it seems like a cheap fix, but buttons are kind of expensive, and you can only buy them in packs of 15 of one color or a mixed bag of about 50.  Use your crafting coupons ladies! 

And maybe if your dad owns a button store instead of a printing business, you can get a deal!



Ashley said...

Super cute!!! ... My dad doesn't own a button store either. Haha

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