Monday, August 27, 2012

Living Room Eyesores

Throughout the summer I have completed 5.5 of my 10 crafty Pinterest projects, which you can read about here, here, and here.  I didn't post about all of them because some of them only involved spray painting a mirror, coffee table, etc., etc.  But my point is, I have improved the looks of some of our old furniture and have jazzed up some of our bare walls.  Now that everything is coming together, I am starting to see my vision, and I think it's going to be really good!
Except for a couple of eyesores of the living room that I absolutely can't stand!
Meet the ugly brown chair. 

I know it hurts your eyes, but bare with me here. 
Kelly bought this chair during his senior year of college, before we were dating, from some random guy, for $10.  He is so proud of this thing and I couldn't want to get rid of it more!
1. It's ugly.
2. It's squeaky.
3. It's an old person chair.
3. It's ugly. 
And guess who always gets to sit in it?
That's right, ME.
He gets home before I do, so the couch (which isn't the best looking couch ever, but it is better than this thing) is already taken when I get home.
Last night when I sat down to catch up on my blog reading I told him that I want a big comfy chair for Christmas. (Since I am always the one to sit in ol' brown, I should get to have a new one right?)  We'll see what Santa brings.
Dear Santa,
Something like this would do just fine. :-)

Insert subject 2.
The mini fridge.

Yes, that's right.  We have a mini fridge in our living room, sitting on top of an old coffee table.
This also made the move when came from our old, shared, rental house.   It sits right next to the chair that I hate.  I argued and argued and argued and there was just no budging.  The deal was/is if I get a full-time job, then I can put it where ever I want.  But until then, it will sit in the living room, at arm's length.
Do you have any un-wanted, un-welcome eyesores in your home?


Mrs. Lundquist said...

I hope Santa brings you a new chair! The fridge is cracking me up... My husband would love thar! :)

Elyse said...

It is quite a sight! I can't wait to get rid of it!

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