Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Job Woes

If you read my blog, you already know about my job woes, but if you need a refresher, you can go here or here or here or here.  There are lots of them.  It's that time of year again.  The time when I go hunting for a more permanent position.  Ugh.  It's like riding a rollercoaster.  I feed off of every little rumor that I hear about retirements or transfers or added sections or any kind of positions that will be opening up.  Really going back and reading those posts just brought back all of the horrible feelings of last summer.

Fortunately for me, this year I have the opportunity to make my temporary position as an Art teacher permanent.  So it's not as stressful as last year or the year before that, but it still makes my chest splotchy.  I learned that my job was posted a week ago Friday, I promptly applied and now I wait. 
The posting ended on Sunday, so hopefully I will be interviewing for it this week.  I wasn't really worried about it until my principal came into my room and told me that there were 17 other applicants, all of which had their Visual Arts license.  So now I have a splotchy chest again. 
 As always, I'll keep you updated.


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