Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I have a lot to love!

I'm linking up with Michelle for Oh How Pinteresting! (I never remember when the actual link up is but we'll pretend it's today) and Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Here's what I am loving today:

I am loving that I got to go to another Wine and Canvas class on Monday!

I am loving what we painted!  Here is a close up:
I am loving that my poison ivy is subsiding.  Kind of.  I am trying to tell myself that.
I am love the pants I just ordered!
Exuma pants are going to be me new favorite thing!  Supposedly they are really long and normal people have to cut them to fit.  Hopefully they will be long enough for me!

I am loving my pins!

And as always I am loving my life with a cherry on top!  Have a "gouda" day!


The Schellers said...

"I love cheese... my favorite's gouda!!" But seriously, I love gouda cheese! Hope you're all better from your poison ivy soon!!

Holly Higgins said...

Where is this wine and canvas class you speak of? That sounds like something I would love!

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