Thursday, September 12, 2013

Life planners, bubble necklaces, selfies and this one thing on Pinterest

Hi!  I'm back.  I took a break yesterday, but I am back today with another Blogtember post!  I also have a very sore throat and snot going on right now...And of course I am out of Emergen-C.  Do you use that stuff?  I swear by it!  I never got a full blown cold last year!  That is quite an accomplishment for a new-ish teacher!
Ok anyways.  today's topic is:

Thursday, September 12: Discuss ways that blogging or social media has changed you.
Social media has literally caused me to be attached to my phone at all times.   I'm sure you can relate to this.  .Except for when I am at school.  I don't even have time to touch it at school. 
The first thing I do when I leave school is check Instagram.  Then Facebook.  Then Twitter.  And usually not Twitter at all because by that time I am already on to the next place I have to be, like the salon or the gym.  Some days (like yesterday) I didn't have time to check anything until right before I went to bed, which really stresses me out!
I often wonder if I should start separate social media accounts just for this blog, but there is no way I could keep up with it!
Kelly HATES...HAAAAATES that I am so attached to my phone.  He doesn't use his phone for anything except for calling and texting me.  He's from the stone age and is convinced that in a few years, no one will even have conversations.  Everyone will just text each other instead of talking. 
I am always thinking about what would be a good Facebook or Instagram post, thinking it up in my head and sometimes actually following through with it. 
The thing that sucks about it is that I never call my besties because I already know what is going on with them, but one could also argue as to whether or not I would call them anyways.  Ok that sounds bad, but what I really mean is that we SnapChat so I don't need to talk to them.  Kidding.  My best friends are so awesome, that no matter how long we go without seeing or talking to each other, it's like we were never apart.
Blogging has definitely changed the way I live my life.  Just like I do with Facebook and Instagram, I am always trying to think of good blog posts.  My life is sprinkled with "bloggable" moments, lots of selfies (if you blog that's ok right?),  and Erin Condren organization tools. I'm also pretty partial to bubble necklaces or big fat jewelry in general. 

Most conversations start with "This blog I follow..." or "I saw a thing on Pinterest..." that's a popular one too. 
I'm okay with it.  Blogging has made me a more outgoing person.  I am not afraid to tell people what I think and put myself out there.  Do I still have a shy side?  Yes.  But it comes out less often than it used to.  I no longer have anxiety when I'm around new people.  Blogging has also helped me come into my own, letting me be myself and helping my true personality to shine.  I don't care what people think about me on my blog, which is now carrying over to real life. 
Sometimes I wonder if I would be able to relax more if I quit blogging, but who am I kidding?  I love this thing and you are always going to be stuck with me!

And now you can follow me!

Facebook: Elyse Fuchs

Twitter: @ElyseFuchs

Instagram:  @fuchs_like_books

Pinterest: @Elyse Rachelle



Jenn said...

Im totally the one who's like "I saw this thing on Pinterest..." ALL the time. I feel like because of blogging, I was ahead of the game on that...knew about Pinterest before anyone else did haha

Gary Fumeaux said...

This is one of my favorite outfits, ever. Leopard, bubble necklaces, and plum...yum!! I am going to say it again, you are gorgeous, friend!! And I can't wait for J and Chris to team up on us about having to take our pictures public :) Daily Boutique Deals

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