Friday, September 20, 2013

The last of summer

Ok it's official.  I am ready for fall.  The weather here has been amazing...well minus the rain we have been having the past couple days.  It's so nice to be able to teach without having sweat dripping down my back.  Plus I had my first PSL last week when I went to meet Holly for the first time.  I also had a pumpkin muffin the other day.  So that makes it fall.
I guess I better finish up my Summer bucket list!
1.  Have a cookout at our house.
2.  Go to a baseball game.
3.  Drink outside.
4.  Lay out.
5.  Plant a garden.
6.  Cook with veggies from said garden.
7.  Take a boat trip.
8.  Make margaritas from scratch.
9.  Watch fireworks.
10.  Go to a summer social.
11.  Go to an outdoor concert.
12.  Go to a bierstube.
13.  Eat a sno-cone.
14.  Take a walk by the river.
15.  Go to the zoo.
16.  Eat at a food truck.
17.  Go to the farmer's market.
7.  Take a boat trip.
Not exactly what I had in mind, but a canoe is still a boat!

11.  Go to an outdoor concert.

My mom, brother, and I went to Blake Shelton! 

 Kelly and I also went to Dave Matthews with some of our friends!

 It was rainy and disgusting but still fun!


 12.  Go to a bierstube.

We just went to one last weekend at my high school!  I forgot to take pictures though.  Whomp whomp.

 15.  Go to the zoo.

I took my favorite kiddos on our last week together before school started.  My other favorite one was at dance camp, so she didn't get to go.

We were lucky enough to get up close and personal with a giraffe and a peacock!

16.  Eat at a food truck. 

So good!  We ate it at the pool, where this man was laying out upside down in his speedo.  Thank God for Instagram so I able to share this moment with everyone.
17.  Go to the farmer's market.
We got so much yummy stuff, including a wood-fired pizza that may have been one of the best pizzas ever.  The fact that we ate it for breakfast made it even better. 
So the only thing I have left to do is take a walk by the river.  That may just have to make it onto my Fall Bucket List.  There's technically only one more day of summer, and that day is supposed to be rainy. 
Happy Friday!  And happy almost fall y'all!


Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Love canoeing!!! Too cute!

Holly Higgins said...

Alan and I split one of those burritos almost every Friday. They are huge!

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