Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Blog Every Day in May: Day 7

What are you most afraid of?

I could go more serious with this one like, I'm afraid that people will think I am a bad teacher, I am afraid that my life is going so well that something bad will happen, I am afraid that I will be stuck without a job again this year, I am afraid that people will talk about me behind my back, I am afraid of not being good enough, etc.
But who really wants to think about all that depressing stuff? 
I know I don't!
So I am going to go with small things that crawl.  Yep that's what I am afraid of.
This morning I woke up from a dream where a student found a turtle in my room.  I was terrified.
Then I got out of bed only to find a giant cricket jumping through my living room.  You know something is abnormally large when you can see it jumping in the pitch black dark.
It is not really so much seeing stuff like this, it is more when it disappears that freaks me out.
We found a jumping spider near or bed about a month ago.  It was on the bed skirt.  How in the world is one supposed to kill something that is on the bed skirt?!  Especially when it jumps! So of course I tried to hit it with a shoe, and then it was gone.  Not on the shoe, or the bed skirt, or under the bed, or anywhere in our room.  Naturally it was right before we went to bed, so we had to sleep with a mysterious spider lurking in our room the whole night.  I was sure I was going to wake up with it in my mouth.
Just so you know, I found it a few days later in the bathroom.  And it was a cricket.  We must have a cricket problem here.
So really it doesn't matter what kind of gross critter it is.  Bug, mouse, snake, rabbit....turtle.  Keep it away from me. 


Jenn said...

Ew....I hate bugs and critters that aren't cute and fluffy (and purposely put in your home! haha)


Ms. Paws said...

Totally agree!! In Florida we have these ENORMOUS grass hoppers... They are TERRIFYING. Not to mention palmetto bugs, goodness gracious I'm going to go shower now ;)

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