Thursday, May 16, 2013

The time I lost my car keys.

What a weekend!  It was such a weekend that I am just now getting around to talk to about it! 
Kelly's family hosts this big hog roast in his home town every year on the Saturday before Mother's Day.  It consists mostly of people ages 60-80, but there is always good food!
See all the snow tops back there?

And my BFF Megan came!
Well sometime during clean-up, I lost track of my car keys.
I had them, and I remember putting them somewhere safe where they wouldn't get thrown away.  We could not find them anywhere!
We looked in the hay...see the hay bales up there?
We dumped out every trash bag onto a tarp and picked through the trash piece by piece.  My gag reflexes were not happy with me. 
Still didn't find them.
Oh did I mention that my car was locked?  And that this was not in the town we live in? And therefore we didn't have any clothes, money, makeup, and most importantly beer?  Kelly didn't have his phone.  My school bag was in there with all of my lesson plans (I was having a sub on Monday and had no way of making plans because I didn't have my plan book!).  My computer was in there.  My job interview was going to be on Wednesday, and I was going to spend my weekend preparing for it, but I had nothing to do that with!
Seriously, it was a mess!
Eventually we came to the conclusion that someone must have grabbed them.  People bring food to this thing so it is very likely that they got mixed up with someone's belongings. 
So we left my car there, along with all of our stuff.  I borrowed some clothes from my friend Megan, and we stayed with Kelly's mom.
The next morning I got up early and called Triple AAA, I gave them the wrong address by mistake.  I called back, they couldn't even find me in the system!  Finally got that sorted out, then they called back and said that there was no locksmiths or dealerships open that day because it was Sunday!  By this time my phone was dead and I had no charger.  Kelly didn't have his phone, so we were using his mom's phone.
I was a crying mess on Sunday!
We also had to be back by 2:00 for a funeral visitation!  And I had no makeup!
My brother ended up picking us up on his way home from Indy (he was coming down for the funeral).  He stopped at Kelly's dad's on the way down to get us a new house key.
Thank God I took off the for the actual funeral on Monday because I spent Monday morning trying to get a locksmith to my car to make a new key, then take it to the dealership to get it programmed.  It actually worked out really well considering the circumstances. 
We drove back up there Monday evening to get my car and my new key had already been paid for by Kelly's grandpa!
Then we got home and I realized that I had lost the house key that Kelly's dad gave us,,,and a $132 check!
I finally found both of those things yesterday.
I still have no classroom keys (which I am not going to mention to my principal until after I find out if I got the job or not), but everything else worked out okay!
Now if someone could please return my keys that would be great.


Reese said...

Wow, sorry to hear about the craziness. You've just inspired me to get an extra set made for my car, which was suppose to be done forever ago. Hope everything works out!


Elyse said...

I would highly recommend that! It has been a week and still no keys!

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