Friday, May 3, 2013

Playing Catch Up

Blog Every Day in May: Day 2: Educate us on something you know a lot about or are good at.
Took me a while to think of something, but I finally came up with laying out in the cold.  Yep, that's where I excel in life.
My mom and I have mastered it over the years.  After many, many chilly Spring Break trips (especially this past one where it was once 48 degrees) in the panhandle of Florida, I think we got it down. 

Step 1:
Wear a sweatshirt and pants over your swim suit.  Come prepared with 2-3 towels.

Leave sweatshirt and pants on and put towel down on chair.  This creates a barrier between you and the cold chair. 

Step 3:
Concentrate really hard on the warmth of the sun.  Once you think you feel really warm, quickly shed your sweatshirt. 

Step 4:
Once warm again, shed the pants.  Quickly put on tanning oil.  Oil attracts the sun so it will draw warmth to your body. 

 Step 5:
Wrap towel around feet.  If your feet are warm, you will be warm-er.

Step 6:
Lay as flat and stiff as possible, so as not to feel the wind.  Continue to concentrate on how warm the sun feels.  I think I can.  I think I can.

Step 7:
Have a drink.  You are, after all, on vacation!

Day 3: Things that make me uncomfortable.
Awkward turtle anyone?
1.  When I witness other people getting in trouble. 
This makes me feel so awkward and uncomfortable!  Almost as if I was in trouble myself!
2.  When people stand too close to me.
For example, I was at the dollar store the other day, and there was a man closely standing in line behind me.  I kept trying to scoot up, but every time I moved, he moved!  Back off dude!
3.  Others people smells.
Unless it is a perfume smell, I don't want it in my nose.  Body odor, greasy food smells (or any food smells really), stinky feet, sweaty kids just inside from recess.  It's all yuck. 
4.  People who talk loud in restaurants. 
No one else wants to hear your conversations, and it's distracting.  SHHH!
5.  When things go awry in movies or t.v. shows. 
Like Steve Urkel style.  It's like nails on a chalkboard!
Now I'm all caught up!  Tomorrow is Day 4: Favorite Quote.


Jenn said...

hahaha I like your "talent"...Im completely horrible at laying out in the cold. I'm never prepared for it...ever the optimist that the sun will come out, and the rain will go away, I sit there with goosebumps and shiver haha. Or go inside :)

Sarah S. said...

lol... "Lay as flat and stiff as possible, so as not to feel the wind", this is great. And #2... Why didn't I think of that. SUPER uncomfortable right there, I don't know what people are thinking when they stand that close. stopping by from the linkup

Elyse said...

It's a tough job! Ha

Elyse said...

It's especially uncomfortable when they stand so close you can smell them! EW!

Thanks for stopping by!

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